Stirring the pot


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  1. Oh noes! The sanctimonious cunts have discovered your really nasty character flaw. The comments are a blocked bogs worth of sewage.

    And you should have gone for the jugular Tim. Never mind a few crook business men.

    How much have the scum of socialism stolen from ordinary folk worldwide –along with 150 million lives they stole of course.

  2. Next time you should suggest that the Guardian redistributes to the downtrodden masses the tax it avoids via the Cayman Islands.

    By the way: “Assuming they have been able to find the fees for employment justice workers” – wot, a new name for lawyers?

    On a par with “shyster”?

  3. I am quite enjoying both your comments and those of ‘Leftwingtaxvampire’ – is he of this parish under another name?

  4. Benefits fraud is, in effect, stealing my money. OK, after it has been stolen from me in the first place.

    Underpayment by employers is stealing someone else’s money. Intrinsically I care less about that. But I do care a bit, if it means the employees pay less tax, because then the Government has to steal more off me. If the employees care, they can protest.

  5. n0sc0pe

    More work needs to be done to punish those not paying the minimum wage.

    Take SSE and Mid-Counties Co-Op for example who have been found guilty of doing just this. Both have Fair Tax Marks (so 2 out of 30 FTMs have committed offences). Shows that scheme isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on then.


  6. @TimWorstall

    £3 billion of the roughly £750 billion a year of UK wages (average wage is roughly enough £25 k, there’re some 30 million in work) is 0.4%.

    Sure, it’s a fiddle, shouldn’t happen.

    Now, is this higher or lower than the rate of benefits fiddles which this newspaper tells us is nothing at all to be worried about?

    Amazing, but unsurprising, the Left & SJW mob interpret your comment as condoning “short changing” simply because you mentioned Benefit Fiddle – you were clear: it’s a fiddle, shouldn’t happen

    Fiddle – a dishonest action or scheme

  7. “Felicity Lawrence is a special correspondent for the Guardian”

    Seems that quite a few of the comentards are a bit “special” too.

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