The credentialism of today

So, a bit more investigation of those essay writing services. I find that they all want to see a copy of my degree certificate. I have no idea where it is, never having used it at all (hmm, might have used to to angle for a US visa at some point).

But isn’t that fascinating? I must prove that I have the qualification to help people cheat?

20 thoughts on “The credentialism of today”

  1. You’d have to be pretty rubbish, given photoshop and so on, to be unable to fake up a moderately convincing certificate. Perhaps they’re just testing your cheating ability, which is the main qualification.

    Incidentally, did you ever write down what happened to the Forbes gig?

  2. 19th century sock production in outer mongolia. How, wherefore and whence? Use graphs and diagrams to illustrate your answer.

  3. Absolutely, Jim!

    Apologies, BiS, didn’t register who posted first comment, your comment is gold.

    Perhaps they’re just testing your cheating ability, which is the main qualification.

    William Connolly is no doubt revered as summa cum laude amongst those who have high regard for cheating ability.

  4. This makes sense. I suspect the biggest market for your services will be Asians, for whom holding a certificate means everything and holding actual knowledge supporting the certificate nothing. So it stands to reason that people of this mindset see your holding a certificate as important. If I were you, I’d show them the certificate and then turn in shoddy work banged off in a few minutes. This will probably be the level of quality expected, and will do fine to get them their certificate.

  5. I’ve never possessed a degree certificate, since they wanted a few shekels for one. I didn’t even receive one when I coughed up £20(?) to convert my BA to an MA. You could leave a stamped addressed postcard at the porter’s lodge and they would send you your degree class when the results came out. I’ve still got that 🙂

  6. Credentialism is a symptom of incompetent management. They are unable to discern abilities; they rely on third party certification of what they don’t understand.

    It has been around for generations.

  7. Re the CapX post. Nice idea, Tim, but unfortunately not everything’s economics. Or maybe not the economics you’re looking for. Start turning de facto property rights into de jure, in the favella and you’ll be creating wealth.OK when youv’e some jure around to protect that wealth. Do you really think those de jure rights would stay with the de facto land occupiers for very long? I’m taking my advice from a graduate of the University of Sao Paulo, Street Campus on this.

  8. @Tim Worstall, November 27, 2017 at 10:30 am

    No, not yet. I’m still, officially at least, “suspended”.

    Try a humorous email on “suspended” and the physical pain, suffering, cramps, sleep deprivation…

  9. Naive Timmy.
    They want to know what your degree looks like so they can feed it into photoshop.

    If they’re set up to cheat. why would you assume they’d not cheat you.

    And it’s not like their clients would know…
    Thats why they need someone to write their stuff

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