The Guardian and the very concept of numbers

The number of poor rose despite the government raising the poverty line last year.

This is good too:

For single person households it is set at HK$4,000 (£388).

That’s in the top 20% of global incomes, yes, after adjusting for price differences.

“Economic growth can not help the lower classes share in the economic achievements,” said a spokesman for the Society for Community Organisation, an NGO that works with the poor.


Hong Kong’s GDP per capita is ranked among the highest of any country or territory, according to the World Bank, and exceeds the UK, Germany and Japan.

It’s amazing how twisted you’ve got to be to believe those three together.

9 thoughts on “The Guardian and the very concept of numbers”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset


    I suspect that’s more a case of dilution of GDP/Capita in HK since 1997 and a vast increase in Chinese immigrants. One of my old bosses who still lives there was moaning about the increase last time I spoke to him.

  2. @BiND,

    About a million mainlanders since 1997. 150 per day get permits to come over for family reunion so tend to be old, unskilled and/or poor.

  3. Just standard socialist propaganda.

    What’s needed is constant anti-socialist propaganda with an even higher workrate.

  4. Bloke in Germany in Hong Kong

    For those who care about definitions it is 50% of median monthly income before transfers.

    One of the joys of Hong Kong is you can live very cheaply, almost third-world cheaply, or as expensively as it is possible to live. On the same day. The exception is property, as there are structural shortages compounded by the ongoing global asset price bubble.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset


    IIRC the population was about 7m when I did some work there in the mid to late ’90s So that’s what, about 12.5% increase in the population since handover? That’s going to have a series effect on GDP/Pop if they were mostly unproductive or low productivity.

    I suspect that’s one reason our own productivity isn’t rising, but nobody wants to talk about that particular elephant.

    (Just checked, it was about 6.5m)

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