This is a regressive view?

Simmons is well-known for his strongly held, profoundly regressive views on women. He did not hold back when visiting Salon. “Half the world’s population are the male of the species. We are visually stimulated,” Simmons argued.

Well, OK, it is Amunduh, but really….

20 thoughts on “This is a regressive view?”

  1. He’s a rock star, had women throwing themselves at him for 40 years in a way they would not if he had to move those colour tvs. You could say his views have been nurtured by feminine nature.

  2. “the male of the species ..” is obviously a misogynistic allusion to Kipling’s hate-filled “For the female of the species is more deadly than the mail”.

  3. Come on girls, tell me how Sharon Osborne fits into your narrative and why you haven’t killed her yet.

    N.B. Julia, this does not apply to you. Far too intelligent and sensible to be lumped into the feminista.

  4. PM May: “I am number one, you are number 12,345,678”
    Pcar: “I am not a number, I am a free man”

    May latest on swapping online freedom for “compliance”

    Socialist “Not The Conservative” party still expanding the surveillance state despite their failure to win a majority government in June. The problem is other parties are not interested in internet freedom and civil liberties either so will likely vote with May’s plans

    Was May’s choice of clothing deliberate, a faux-pas or subconsciously revealing her regressive, puritanical true beliefs?

  5. Amanduh:

    Gene Simmons… has reinvented himself in the 21st century as an icon of late capitalism.

    “Late capitalism”? I’ve been reading that cliche for the last 45 years…and capitalism continues to thrive. How does Amanduh know that the capitalism we have now is “late” rather than ‘early’? I doubt she understands the difference between capitalism and free markets either.

  6. I plead guilty to copying and pasting without bothering to proofread the sodding thing. Mea bloody culpa.

    Still, it would have done in the Telegraph these days so it’s not exactly unprofessional.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset


    Looks like a return to New Labour’s authoritarian excesses which drove a lot of early angry blogging. I wonder if it will bring back DK and the like, or perhaps a new generation of bloggers who will pick up the mantle?

  8. The Fish Faced Cow and her gang will TRY to control. But remember this is trhe dozy bitch who reels off shite about underage Viet girls etc.

    What these cunts can do and what they think they can do are two different things.

    We urgently need to move to a net they can’t control.

  9. Bloke in Germany in Hong Kong

    You are surprised that correct or widely-held views can be defined as regressive?

    In its headlong rush to an as-yet unspecified destination, the progressive left is destroying people for holding widespread and correct views that have only recently become unfashionable. Five years ago, what proportion of “progressives” cared about the tranny thing? Almost none. Yet now gender bending is orthodoxy, and always has been.

  10. Bloke in Costa Rica

    SS2: he’s always baiting our genial host that he should have gone to Ampleforth every time he makes a boo boo. But as any fule kno, for the echt Jesuit mindwarp experience, it’s Stoneyhurst or bust.

  11. To be honest, considering she was HS, May’s obvious and unpleasant authoritarianism seems actually rather restrained.

    The water at Marsham Street does weird things to apparently sane and intelligent people. Remember what various proto-anarchist human rights lawyers were turned in to?

  12. Ha. Simmons hasn’t reinvented anything in the 21st century. Virtually from the moment the band was formed in the 1970s he turned them into a commercial vehicle. They’ve probably sold more band merchandise than any other band ever. He’s a smart cookie.

  13. Simmons is well-known for his strongly held, profoundly regressive views on women.

    If he converted to Islam Amanduh will pay for his plane ticket to come and live here.

  14. “For the female of the species is more deadly than the mail”: come to think of it, it happens to be true. There oughta be a word for cock-ups that turn out to be accidentally true.

  15. Re-invent? KISS has always been capitalist since their inception. I mean, they have KISS lunch box all the way back to the ’70s.

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