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BoM November 2017

In The Joy of Tax, tax campaigner Richard Murphy

BoM does mean book of the month, yes. At which point

Noel Scoper – about 4 hours ago
In order to be open and transparent, perhaps it should be reminded that Richard Murphy is a director or Progressive Pulse Limited and a 50% guarantor of the company to a whole £1. Given he has 2 BoMs as well as in the “suggested reading”, it would appear a bit smelly otherwise.

Sean Danaher – about 2 hours ago
Noel, thanks. You are absolutely correct. Richard’s position is however very non executive and he played only a small part in the choice of the the November Book of the Month or indeed the “suggested reading.” The editorial team (Richard was not on it and had only a minor part in the correspondence) looked at about 1/2 a dozen book as possibilities for the November BoM and the “Joy of Tax” was chosen on merit and without Richard’s knowledge.

For complete transparency one of the books we considered was Eve Pool’s “Capatalism’s Toxic assumptions” which Peter May suggested, but no one on the editorial team had read. We contacted Richard to see if he had read it, who replied “I have to admit I have never found much to agree with in what she has written, But I have not read this latest book and so she may have improved”. We decided to reserve judgement and moved Eve’s book back to a possibility for future months. The video looked promising (link below) and we may indeed choose it as BoM but only after someone on the team has read it.

Err, yes.

8 thoughts on “This is grand, most grand”

  1. As we say up here “Oh ma sides, please stop!”

    And in an unrelated blog today, Murphy posts this

    “I am happy to be a part of that democratic revolution. It is precisely what we need now.”

  2. “Richard’s position is however very non executive”

    Hah! Also- does that mean he’s a shadowy sleeping partner type?

    “he played only a small part in the choice of the the November Book of the Month or indeed the “suggested reading.””

    Oh. Maybe not then. What was his role?

    “Richard … and had only a minor part in the correspondence”

    Let me guess: A badly typed email, in all caps, came in to the editorial team demanding that the JoT be selected as Book of the Month?

  3. “Richard’s position is however very non executive”: that could be the new “wrong kind of snow”.

    Slaven Bilic’s position is very non executive.

    Theresa May’s position will shortly be very non executive. Priti Patel’s position is about to be very non executive.

    Hillary Clinton’s position is very non executive.

    Seth Rich’s position is very, very non executive.

  4. Richard is a serial “very non executive”

    as an entrepreneur
    as an accountant
    as a political adviser
    as a husband

    we await what happens to him as an academic

  5. I have to say I genuinely laughed out loud at that. I’m not sure what is funnier, Spud’s response to the query about a rival for BoM, or that the underling actually published his reply. Are they really that dim not to realise they’ve just made him look like a total cunt, or are they doing it on purpose? Either way its highly amusing………..

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