This will be very amusing indeed

Malia Obama’s boyfriend has been revealed to be a former British public schoolboy who met the former first daughter at Harvard University.

Rory Farquharson, a former head boy at the prestigious Rugby School, was linked to Barack Obama’s eldest daughter after footage emerged appearing to show them kissing during the Harvard v Yale American football game.

Just the idea of the airheads populating American news reporting attempting to pronounce that name. Even I’m not sure how the family actually does it but I would guess something close to “Farson.” There’s an amusing little blog there in clips of people trying to say it…..

20 thoughts on “This will be very amusing indeed”

  1. Now sit back, microwave the popcorn, and wait for the US-ian SJW’s go nuts over the fact that he’s white.

    It’s just a question of time 🙂

  2. Sounds like a remake of: ” Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?”
    with the races reversed. I can’t imagine either of the Obama parents will be pleased.

  3. I wonder how Barry feels about his daughter being rogered by a posh English chap, bearing in mind his obvious distaste for our nation?

  4. Jonathan,

    It’s possible Obama has no real concerns about white relations, what with his good relationship with his mum and grandmother and everything…

    He has many sins, but he has never denied he is half white, and I suspect both he and his wife (by all accounts a polite and nice person, and not a Hilary-Clinton type) aren’t the sort of idiots who care about the race of their daughter’s boyfriend so much as ensuring he is a nice person. It’s a bit of a logical leap to go from Obama encouraging identity politics and the like to actually disliking certain groups. It’s enough to note he’s an idiot, without making up attitudes I doubt apply.

  5. @Watchman:

    ” It’s a bit of a logical leap to go from Obama encouraging identity politics and the like to actually disliking certain groups.”

    Obama referred to his (white) grandmother as ” a typical white woman”. Substitute any other race and see how that sounds,

    The Obamas attended a black nationalist church for more than 20 years.

    Obama instigated a media and legal witch-hunt against (white) George Zimmerman, who shot dead (black) Trayvon Martin in self defence.

    After (white) Dylann Roof shot dead eight black worshippers in 2015. Obama was, rightly, quick to condemn the crime. When (black) Omar Thornton shot dead eight (white) former colleagues in 2010, Obama was silent.

    I think it’s pretty easy to draw a conclusion based on Obamas.own actions.

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