Wait, we sack cabinet minsters now because they are a boor?

Sir Michael Fallon was forced to quit as defence secretary after a Cabinet colleague accused him of making lewd remarks, it emerged last night.

He is said to have told Andrea Leadsom, who had complained of having cold hands, “I know where you can put them to warm them up”.

A source familiar with the controversy alleged that Sir Michael had been “tactile” and had also put his arm around Mrs Leadsom.

The Leader of the Commons subsequently reported the remarks to Number 10 two days ago and insisted he must be sacked over a string of offensive comments, according to reports.

Mrs Leadsom’s complaint is said to focus on comments made by Sir Michael at meetings of the Commons Treasury select committee six years ago.

Jeez, given the things some of them have inflicted upon us that seems a little harsh.

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  1. Also, given the number of nubile young aides that seem to be flitting around Westminster, what was he doing putting his moves on Ms Leadsom?

  2. Combine the fact that anyone can be taken down for being ‘offensive’, and our total surveillance society. Things are looking good for power grabbers.

  3. I would have though Leadsom could have handled this by herself, she is an adult after all? Why the need to run and tell teacher?

  4. For a brief period in human history fashion was largely confined to clothing.

    Now it has broadened its horizons.

    A final thought; as ever, Labour appear exempt, apart from the 76 year old sprat tossed to the sharks. But what were Corbyn and the lady singer of colour doing all those years ago?

  5. Interesting to see if Labour go after (e.g.) Amber Rudd, one of the folks having a consensual relationship, given what Corbyn and Diane Airbus got up to…

  6. I’m guessing that a high profile minister has to go and an example to the rest of them. Note that Steptoe is refusing to name names apart from one MP no one has ever heard of.

    I did see yesterday that (and I’m no conspiracy theorist) that this issue is going to be used to sack loads/force resignation of MPs thereby forcing a general election and by extension put the mockers on Brexit. Given that there is no depth low enough to which the 650 fuckwits in parliament are willing to stoop, this wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    The witch craze ran and ran …. until it started affecting the rich and powerful.

    Perhaps Ministers will realise what a disaster listening to the feminists has been and will put a stop to it. Because if a little banter is grounds for a sacking we are all f**ked.

    Well, not literally of course.

  8. Some interesting thoughts from Terry Tibbs & the Spud

    “…And you are right that the latest Tory resignation over a hand on a knee is a sure sign that the Tories are not fit to cover. It is in sharp contrast to Labour who have promised an internal enquiry into that rape allegation that they tried to hush up a few years ago.

    I wonder when people will wake up to all this?”


    Richard Murphy says:

    “Too late

    I am afraid that’s the norm”

  9. “So Much For Subtlety

    The witch craze ran and ran…”

    Yes but do remember that those put to death during the Salem witch hysteria were later cleared, so all’s well that ends well.

  10. Asks the assembled readers whether, if putting your hand on a knee or saying an inappropriate comment at some point over the last 15 years is grounds for resignation, they would be resigning.

    (Sheepishly raises own hand)

  11. This is the end result of the Standards in Public Life farrago.

    I have no idea whether Fallon was any goo at his job, but if he was, and he’s resigned because someone took objection to his personal behaviour (i.e. Nothing to do with his competence) then we’re all worse off, aren’t we?

    I’d prefer to have an absolute cad as my brain surgeon, rather than a clueless vicars daughter.

  12. Imagine being stupid enough to load a pistol, put in in your opponents hand and invite them to point it at your head and pull the trigger. Imagine being Theresa May.

  13. She was an empty paper bag from the start –as she showed by folding to the Fish Faced Cow with some bollocks about how somebody said something not nice to a member of her family on a train station. The Bulldog Breed indeed.

    This is all the girlies consolidating their hold on power. Want to challenge the Fish Faced Cow? Ever said anything risque?

    Just like I said the bitches will keep themselves in long enough to begin the–entirely avoidable– Age of Corbin.

    “I know where you can put them to warm them up”–FFS. I know that too. On a fucking bonfire. Of everything decent and worthwhile and prosperous still left in this country. Cos that is what Corbog is and will do.

    Looking back given that May and her gang have always been full of BluLabour Marxian femmi-shit it was obvious this step was going to be seized on as soon as Weinstein kicked off the Savile 2.0 panic. Well this panic is going to cost everybody very fucking dear indeed because with Fish Face on the job Corbog and McNasty only have to show up on the day.

  14. Well let’s face Fallon was a useless defence Secretary anyway so no great loss. The bigger worry is the ffc continuing to fuck things up leading to a further possibly disastrous GE.

  15. Give it six months and the hysteria will be so shrill that putting your hand on your own knee will be grounds for resignation.

    Meanwhile demanding that anal fisting techniques be tought to four year olds will be a perfectly respectable thing for politicians to be doing, and in fact even raising it as a problem will, of course, be a resignation issue.

  16. I can understand Fallon making offensive comments to Leadsom. “Are you fucking retarded you stupid cow?” for one.

    But touching? No thanks. She’s so thick it might be catching.

    The rumour seems to be that he’s a piss-head/alkie so this might be the driver for a lot of dodgy behaviour.

    I bet Juncker has hundreds of ‘incidents’ that could be used against him, but his team isn’t stupid enough to shaft its own cause like the Fucking Stupid Party.

  17. What’s truly terrifying is how quickly this new fashion is spreading like an epidemic.

    Only a few weeks ago we would have looked at some idiotic piece of SJW moaning and said to ourselves “Christ, they’ll make flirting a sackable offense soon”

    Lo and behold, it has come to pass, and scholars in the future will be able to pin it down to the last two weeks of October 2017.

    People really need to get a grip of themselves and think about how quickly attitudes are changing, whether those new attitudes can be applied to retrospective behaviour and whether we really want to create the society we are rapidly heading towards.

  18. White Europeans- always in a determined contest to see who can suicide our culture first and most comprehensively. I am half minded to retreat to a bunker with tins of food and a shotgun.

  19. Mr Ecks is far from wrong. There’s seems to be a sizeable element in the Tory party determined to destroy it as a viable political party. Matched by an element in the Labour party determined on a course would destroy the country.
    And not the slightest sign of any party anyone with any sense would want to vote for.

  20. S’pose there’s no chance of the Raving Loonies mounting a coup, is there? No? Then who will rescue the Brits?

  21. The Conservative Party is labouring under two fatal delusions: firstly, that a significant part of the electorate care about this stuff (they don’t), and secondly that by flagellating themselves they will win acceptance and praise from the lunatics who happen to run our media and just about every other public body. Some free advice: they won’t.

  22. Everything I’ve ever done
    Everything I ever do
    Every place I’ve ever been
    Everywhere I’m going to
    It’s a sin

  23. It’s a convenient exit for Fallon given many rumours about just how big a cut UK defence capabilities are going to have to take in order to be affordable*. 5 frigates, 2 amphibious assault ships and a helicopter carrier. Some combination of all that claimed by the media to be sold to Brazil and/or Chile without having the replacement frigates anywhere near ready and no replacements for the amphibious assault ships on the drawing boards.

    * While simultaneously sticking to the 0.7% GDP ODA target, continuing with HS2, making energy ever more expensive with climate change crap, doling out more and more freebies to foreigners and buying foreign defence equipment.

  24. So Much For Subtlety

    Roué le Jour – “Everything I’ve ever done”

    You drift into the strangest dreams
    of youthful follies and changing teams
    Admit you’re wrong, oh, no, not yet
    Then you wake up and remember that you can’t forget
    she’s made you some kind of laughing stock
    because you dance to disco and you don’t like rock

    The Tory party room is going to be an interesting place. Either there is a backlash – and they are too spineless for that – or the fish faced harridans will have the upper hand forever after.

    This is why giving women the vote was a mistake. Everyone’s politics has been down hill ever since.

  25. Theresa got the job in the first place by keeping her nose clean and being a competent secretary of state. I’m not surprised she chooses not to use up scarce political capital on someone who has the whiff of scandal about them and (crucially) is replaceable. Theresa’s definitely vulnerable to events but this one looks like a nipped bud to me, and if its a bit harsh on Sir Michael well politics is indeed a bloodsport.

  26. Time will come when men will be well advised not to be alone with any woman to whom they are not married without the presence of a chaperone (lawyer ideally) and a GoPro running

  27. Time will come when men will be well advised not to be alone with any woman to whom they are not married without the presence of a chaperone (lawyer ideally) and a GoPro running

    With the irony that the only difference between the liberal, civilised West and backward shitholes will be to swap women and men in that sentence.

  28. So Much For Subtlety

    Bloke in Costa Rica – “How they mocked Mike Pence when he did just that. Now he looks like Nostradamus.”

    I have said it before that the basic problem with White middle class girls and feminism is that they have killed off all the gentlemen and now they bitterly regret it. Especially given the sort of male allies they hang out with.

    Pence sounds like a perfect gentleman. You know, one of those benevolent sexists. Which women actually prefer as it turns out. The rural hick that he is.

    The problem is that the Left hates people like Pence so much they are more likely to opt for the other religious solution and so prove Houellebecq right yet again.

  29. Theresa got the job in the first place by keeping her nose clean and being a competent secretary of state.

    Competent? I’d preferred her to have spent more time as Home Secretary looking after our borders and less being an authoritarian hag myself. But I suppose to the shower masquerading as the Tories that is competence.

    BTW superb comment Rob!

  30. SMFS: ’Pence sounds like a perfect gentleman. You know, one of those benevolent sexists. Which women actually prefer as it turns out.’

    Spot on!

  31. MC
    “less being an authoritarian hag myself.”
    Well Theresa’s inclination is interventionist it’s true* and as PM that increases the capacity of making things worse not better. By competence i meant didn’t bugger things up that obliges someone to be sacked or moved on and yes that includes the napoleonic criteria for good generalship.

    *The Theresa industrial strategy ™ is out soon i believe and i’d imagine Tim will be rifling through that.

  32. Just imagine if Leadsom had become leader! If she can’t deal with innuendos from Fallon, how would she handle the EU?

  33. Wait, we sack cabinet minsters now because they are a boor?

    In PC Snowflake World MPs’ lieing, fraud, embezzlement, tax-evasion, drug use, prostitute use, assault on public… is acceptable. Complimenting a female MP on er new hair style is sexual harassment worthy of being sacked, ostracized and expelled.

    It’s a mad mad world.

    Note how little coverage MSM has given Labour’s Jared O’Mara and Labour activist who was raped by a Labour Snr.

    PS I did like Leadsom, I now loath her.

  34. @tomsmith, November 3, 2017 at 9:43 am

    Some men need to make accusations against powerful women asap before this gets out of control.

    Allegedly Rudd has been at it with a married male Conservative MP and also with a female MP.

  35. How they mocked Mike Pence when he did just that. Now he looks like Nostradamus.

    They mocked Pence because he is the Tribe’s enemy. He could say and do literally anything and it would be used against him. They can flip positions 180 degrees with impunity because they control the media and the public has the memory of a goldfish with Alzheimer’s.

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