Well, dunno

A Guernsey finance chief has claimed that the release of the Paradise Papers was ploy by left-wing media to influence the first ever tax haven blacklist.

It was most certainly a part of the campaign, that’s for sure.

4 thoughts on “Well, dunno”

  1. I don’t think there was much public curiosity. The only people interested had a preset notion that all the ‘rich’ are bastards already, and any information in this leak was just there to reinforce their existing views.

    For everyone else it was just a yawn.

  2. The Patrician walked across the floor, followed by Drumknott.
    ‘Er, yes,’ said William. ‘Are you all right, sir?’
    ‘Oh, yes. Busy, of course. Such a lot of reading to catch up on. But I thought I should take a moment to come and see this “free press” Commander Vimes has told me about at considerable length.’ He tapped one of the iron pillars of the press with his cane. ‘However, it appears to be firmly bolted down.’
    ‘Er, no, sir. I mean “free” in the sense of what is printed, sir,’ said William.
    ‘But surely you charge money?’
    ‘Yes, but-‘
    ‘Oh, I see. You meant you should be free to print what you like?’
    There was no escape. ‘Well…broadly, yes, sir.’
    ‘Because that’s in the, what was the other interesting term? Ah, yes…the public interest?’ Lord Vetinari picked up a piece of type and inspected it carefully.
    ‘I think so, sir.’
    ‘These stories about man-eating goldfish and people’s husbands disappearing in big silver dishes?’
    ‘No, sir. That’s what the public is interested in. We do the other stuff, sir.’
    ‘Amusingly shaped vegetables?’
    ‘Well, a bit of that, sir. Sacharissa calls them human interest stories.’
    ‘About vegetables and animals?’
    ‘Yes, sir. But at least they’re real vegetables and animals.’
    ‘So…we have what the people are interested in, and human interest stories, which is what humans are interested in, and the public interest, which no one is interested in.’
    ‘Except the public, sir,’ said William, trying to keep up.
    ‘Which isn’t the same as people and humans?’
    ‘I think it’s more complicated than that, sir.’
    ‘Obviously. Do you mean that the public is a different thing from the people you just see walking around the place? The public thinks big, sensible, measured thought while people run around doing silly things?’
    ‘I think so. I may have to work on that idea too, I admit.’
    ‘Hmm. Interesting. I have certainly noticed that groups of clever and intelligent people are capable of really stupid ideas,’ said Lord Vetinari.

    -Sir Pterry, The Truth

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