Well, no Mr Simms, not really

And the story of killing the goose that lays the golden egg in order to extract its riches, and finding nothing, stands as a parable for how we over-exploit the environment everywhere from our seas, to our forests, farms, fossil fuel extraction and more.

A rather more modern use of that tale might be to warn against killing the capitalism and markets which have made us rich enough to be able to care about the environment.

16 thoughts on “Well, no Mr Simms, not really”

  1. This sort of cr*p is so far from the truth/reality that it is mendacious. I can no longer read it through.

    The earth is healthy, CO2 is greening our world, population increase is slowing as we become richer. The problems that remain are related to true poverty (usually due to certain a ideological bent) and failed states where nothing functions.

    We have the knowledge and the means to find safely resources for centuries. We have the knowledge to find substitutes. We have the knowledge and the wealth to clear up after us. We have the knowledge to recycle stuff as it becomes economically viable.

    Our future problems will be others and right now look like:
    resolving migratory flows so we can live in something approaching harmony
    overcoming totalitarian socialist rulers to allow poor countries to develop
    handling longer lives where currently we have a longer time with bad health
    reconciling ourselves to radical changes in the economy which turn individual lives upside down.

    We ain’t gonna be short of forest to walk in, food or fuel.

  2. There are three things to do with the goose and its eggs. YUou can kill it (stupid), or you can use the eggs (sensible).
    This bellend favours sticking a cork up the goose’s arse and letting the eggs stay in situ, completely uselessly.

  3. @” population increase is slowing as we become richer.”
    It would slow more in the UK if having children were not for some people a way to get better housing.
    On the subject of over exploiting the seas – who has been in charge of them since 1973?

  4. Yup. Massive pollution problem under communism. North Koreans pulling up pine trees to cook the bark.

    And how much pollution did the state generate building Olympic stadia loved by lefties, but barely used?

  5. ‘One of our greatest contemporary threats is our wholesale abuse of the natural world. Seas are polluted with plastic and acidifying, the atmosphere loaded with more carbon dioxide than human civilisation has ever experienced, and a mass extinction event underway, visible recently in the large-scale die-off of insect life. Folk tales are a guide to the consequences of such short-sighted self-centredness.’

    Wow. Four Fairy Tales in one paragraph.

  6. Folk tales are a guide to the consequences of such short-sighted self-centredness

    Folk tales. Mere contemporary anecdotes aren’t enough for him. He wants ancient ones which have been turned into nursery rhymes and children’s tales. That’s what counts as evidence, I suppose.

  7. large-scale die-off of insect life

    Sorry, I think that was me, I can get a little carried away with a can of Doom in my hand.

  8. What if the stout yeomen who told these folk tales were also white Britons who would have voted for Brexit? Tough call.

  9. “Across cultures you will find stories designed to keep us away from danger, with many applicable to a warming world.”

    “The kelpies of Scottish folklore carried children to watery graves”

    The telling of “noble” lies to children is applicable? I see where you are going with this Andrew and don’t like it. What’s wrong with: “Angus dearie don’t go into the sea because you will drown to death!”?

    The internal moral truth debate within a parent’s head should be about the ‘will’ versus ‘might’ drown. Which is, ‘can the wee kiddies quite understand yet the various subtleties of risk? and thus nothing wrong with hamming it up a bit for effect.
    But it absolutely should not be applicable to make young’uns believe utter superstitious codswallop in order to manipulate their behaviour.

  10. “Across cultures you will find stories designed to keep us away from danger, with many applicable to a warming world.”

    You will find many, many more stories which will be against the Progressive Narrative and for these, the memory hole.

    Some folk tales and sayings are more equal than others.

  11. Bloke in Costa Rica

    What’s the environment done for me lately? I didn’t evolve to be an apex predator just to protect some disgusting insects.

  12. BiCR, protecting disgusting insects gives meaning to the weak minded environmentalists’ lives. Not particularly aspirational.

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