Well, of course

Theresa May is hated by many of her own MPs, a senior DUP figure has claimed as he insisted the Tories “cannot afford” a leadership election.

Sammy Wilson, the party’s Brexit spokesman and one of the 10 Northern Irish MPs propping up the Prime Minister’s minority government, said a lot of Mrs May’s Conservative colleagues “want to undermine her” and are “doing their best to trip her up”.

Near all MPs (the few who don’t being the honourable exceptions) believe they’ve the PM’s gavel in their briefcase. Thus anyone who does make it to No 10 is hated by all those who didn’t but think they should have done. Why the fuck was everyone dim enough to choose her over me?

Been going on since the Earl of Chatham was struggling with how to tie shoelaces.

11 thoughts on “Well, of course”

  1. Yes, but I get the sense Theresa’s also rather a cold fish,, so there’s hardly any accolytes and groupies to balance out those green eyed monsters.

  2. It would be nice if she was hated for the correct reasons–ie that she is a well-off, MC/CM, London Bubble, BluLabour, sell-out Remainiac scum. As well as being a weak/ arrogant/authoritarian bitch who never met a piece of tyrannical bullshit she didn’t like. And a fatuous, bullshitting marxian -feminist slagstooge with the IQ and reasoning powers of a crushed cockroach.

    Instead of being hated by a chamber(pot) of mostly BluLabour/Layabout trash who are even deeper in the above listed evil than she is. Who despise her because Brexit is still happening despite their treasonous inclination.

    Apart from that I have nothing against the stupid useless cow.

  3. Matthew L
    yes but it’s Theresa’s non magnetic personality that’s also at the heart the election botching. So much so that dodging the TV debates might still have been a wise decision. And in fairness her appeal was always competency and not being the other guy.
    I don’t know, Theresa can still pull things out of the bag but her instincts in all but her old home sec brief is to use her left hand not her right.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    I have no desire to be Prime Minister and I hate her. Not with a passion but with a sort of casual but cold dislike that would not lift a finger if she was run down by a bus.

    So I am willing to believe a lot of other people who do not want to be PM hate her too.

  5. Most politicians are thoroughly dislikeable and that’s when they are putting on a face for the interviewers. It takes a peculiar sort of person to want to be a politician. You can see it in student unions. The truly likeable ones are seldom found. I can never think of Ed Balls for example without retching. Portillo and Hezza get me reaching for the cortisone cream. Clarke makes me dream of simultaneously filling his mouth and anus with his effing Hush Puppies. Brown just makes me howl at the ☾ People who dream of power should be disallowed from holding public office. They are all would-be tyrants, bullies and toadies. Very very few exceptions.

  6. Diogenes, The previous Conservative MP for High Peak is a decent cove and always a good conversationalist at the various dinners I have attended. The previous Labour one, however, was an unsufferable, condescending piece of shit.

  7. Bloke in Costa Rica

    The decent ones (off the top of my head: Kate Hoey, Frank Field, Johnny Mercer; there are others) shine like a diamond in a sweep’s ear’ole simply by dint of their rarity.

  8. I’m not sure there are many current MP’s with a PM’s gavel in their haversack.Maybe a generation or two ago there would have been a lot of MP’s might have “reluctantly” assumed high office “for the good of the nation”. But now?
    The current crop are professional politicians, in it for the money. The way to the loot is to hang around. Aspire to one of the not too high profile ministries. Do a lot of committees. Pick up dosh from activities outside the House. Farm the expenses. Fly too high & you inevitably fall. B.Liar certainly raked it in as PM, but how many other’s have before or since?

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