Well, this is a good point

Lordy, how bad do things have to get in your life when you’re reduced to inviting Andrea Leadsom MP to put her hands down the front of your trousers?

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  1. This is all Savile style bullshit. It is a very dangerous joke at our expense.

    It is actively dangerous because it will allow the Girlie axis –lead by the worst of all the Fish Face Cow–to “bed” themselves in what they laughably call power until the next election. Which with the Cow on the job will be an–entirely avoidable–Corbin accession.

    We must get some dirt on the bitches. On the last thread someone mentioned some dirt on Rudd. That would be excellent if true. If the “wicked man-beast” meme can be broken the entire caper could collapse and be seen for the nonsense it is.

  2. No Tim, this is not a good point. It is a pathetic adolescent point.
    Sexual assault and harassment should be taken very seriously by anyone who cares about individual liberty. People have a right to have their bodies respected, just like they have a right to have their property respected.
    So what if someone isn’t very attractive? Would you mock a poor person who’d had a small amount of money stolen from them, perhaps sneering that such a small amount was nothing to you? Anyone who did such a thing would rightly be thought a nasty little shit. Similarly anyone who devalues a report of sexual assault or harassment on the grounds that the complainant is ugly is a nasty little shit.
    Everyone – rich or poor, beautiful or ugly – should have both their person and property respected. That ought to be axiomatic to a classical liberal.

  3. Also- it’s not like Leadsome was not using this in any other way whatsoever. For all we know, there was back and forth banter.

  4. By coming out with this revelation and seeking Fallon’s resignation Leadsom has proven she is incapable of holding high office.

    For what would she do if she were faced with a man making inappropriate (read; mildly off colour attempt at humour) remarks that she could not have fired, such as the foreign secretary of another nation?

    She has effectively told everyone she cannot handle such an everyday situation as a bit of office banter. WTF would she do when confronted by say, Vladimir Putin, or even just an EU negotiator?

  5. It’s a joke at the expense of Leadsom and Fallon. Both deserve mockery. Him for his poor judgment, her for me me me hypersensitivity.

    The sane among us, reluctantly watching the debasement of our governing culture by a governing class of buffoons, nincompoops, poltroons and blackguards indulge gallows humour as we await the hempen rope.

  6. Robert–Indeed it is not funny.

    Not because of the CM cockrot you are busily endorsing–yet another “libertarian” with zero common-sense– but because this horseshit is a tool –no pun intended–of leftist evil.

    What has gone on seems mostly to be the usual relations between men and women. Which are what they are and always have been. To try and claim that making a pass at a women–even if that is a gallantry-free brazen request for shag– is somehow sexual assault is leftist trickery at its worst. She has the option of saying “No thank you” and/or “Fuck off creep” as she likes. As far as I am concerned the request is free speech and as a supposed libertarian that should be your concern. Not the outraged egos of assorted puffed-up female poli-pigs.

    As for stories of “rape”–yeah well there are stories about rent-boy murder rings and rent boys being torn in half between two cars Ancient Roman arena-style in the HoC parking garage. You swallow them as well?

  7. Robert

    “Sexual assault and harassment should be taken very seriously…”

    Would you class Fallon’s remark to Leadsom as either sexual assault or sexual harassment? And why, exactly?

    “People have a right to have their bodies respected.”

    How did Fallon’s silly quip infringe Leadsom’s right to have her body ‘respected’? Her bodily integrity or her personal space were not violated.

  8. Robert:“Similarly anyone who devalues a report of sexual assault or harassment on the grounds that the complainant is ugly… “

    The most ugly thing about Leadsom is her nature.

  9. Since I struggle to get even a hint of a shag on the grounds of being ugly, past it, unfit AND having bad breath – does this mean that I’m eligible to be elected to the HoC?

    PS. Joke was intended, even though it contains more than a modicum of truth …

  10. The Observer reports today that not only did Fallon make a crude joke towards Loathsome and put his hand on someone’s knee, he attempted to kiss a journalist on the lips after lunch, 14 fucking years ago.

    BTW Ecksy – I don’t think this Robert is in any way a libertarian or gives a shit about individual liberty. He might be a ‘liberal’ though…

  11. “People have a right to have their bodies respected.”

    I assume you’re opposed to the ‘opt out rather than opt in’ system for organ donation then?

  12. Robert,
    “Sexual assault and harassment should be taken very seriously by anyone who cares about individual liberty.”

    Yes they should, and part of taking them seriously means not mixing them up with an off-colour joke that was poorly received.

    Also, “Trying it on” is not sexual harassment, at least not the first time. You make a pass, you get told to get lost and you leave it there – no harm no foul, no crime committed and it’s insane to think otherwise. Ultimately, if a chap is to get laid then sooner or later he has to ask for it. Asking and being rebuffed is not a crime.

    I’ve yet to have it explained just what it is that Fallon has done wrong – has he tried it on repeatedly? Has he ignored a rebuff or refusal? Has he used any form of coercion? Will someone please explain it to me (other than his wife, who might be understandably pissed off).

  13. Geoff –
    “Ultimately, if a chap is to get laid then sooner or later he has to ask for it. Asking and being rebuffed is not a crime.”
    Yes (and chapesses too). What’s missing in the breathless reporting is any mention of this distinction.

    The real aim should be to catch those that don’t take no for an answer and heap career pressure on underlings to relent. It’s a subtler problem, than any of the reporting acknowledges because you do rather hope your ministers have that very tendency when dealing with civil servants professionally.

  14. “puffed-up female poli-pigs.”

    The latest reported “outrage” being that some MP tried to kiss some journalist. I’m so underwhelmed I can’t even be bothered to look up who and who. But it did make me think that the thing to ask anyone claiming this is some sort of use of power to perpetrate a sexual assault of a type so heinous that it hasn’t been seen since Ted Bundy is;

    “Out of curiosity, has anyone ever tried to kiss you?”

  15. Aren’t some women supposed to find rich successful powerful men attractive? Isn’t it all an aphrodisiac?

    Otherwise unremarkable looking men constantly surrounded by attractive women?

    Don’t some women find the thought of a successful man more appealing than a limp loser in life who does nothing but whine about his bad luck?

    Or is the Left’s position now that women don’t hold such thoughts?

  16. “Out of curiosity, has anyone ever tried to kiss you?”

    Well, being some sort of hideous northerner, I simply can’t fathom the etiquette behind this London kissing vague acquaintances on the cheek thing.

    Aunts, cousins and in-laws, okay, I’m no longer 5, even good friends – but not-quite-strangers of the opposite sex?

    Happy it is not something you do in the workplace. But then it isn’t something I would do in a social context either.

  17. Bloke in North Dorset

    It won’t be long until we start t get women complaint that their feelings have been hurt because some bloke didn’t make a pass at them. Then the moral outrage bus can career off in a whole new direction until another grievance reaches social media escape velocity.

    And yes I do think women have the right to go to work without being sexually harassed but this is being blown out of all proportion and the real crimes are being lost in the noise.

  18. If people have the right to have their bodies respected then can we shut up the people going on about obesity and food? I want my body to be respected not be called obese merely because I am fat.

    If my body my choice works for abortion then its the same for anything else to do with a person’s body.

  19. Bloke in Germany in Portugal

    I was propositioned once, in a hotel elevator, by a (female) client. Literally “I’m going to bed now, why not come with me”.*


    *: I said no, in case Mrs Bloke is reading.

  20. Bloke in Germany in Portugal

    “Social media escape velocity”

    Bind, may that phrase outlive Twatter and farceberk!

  21. “Well, being some sort of hideous northerner, I simply can’t fathom the etiquette behind this London kissing vague acquaintances on the cheek thing. ”

    Done to demonstrate how frightfully European they are. Although they haven’t yet descended to men on men snogging.
    Or have they now? Since I fled I’ve lost touch.
    And what’s the required number? Frogesses demand three unless grandemeres. Latinas only the two, abuala or not.

  22. A girl in a wheelchair in a nightclub offered to give me a blowjob.


    I said no as I was married at the time. But I’ve since wondered.

  23. Also, that reminded me, I got a text from an old girlfriend which simply said “Fancy a shag?”

    I said yes to that one as I was single at the time.


  24. If only the Harmann/peodophile link had come out during this period of absurd hysteria, she might have gone. Doubt it though, this is the one club women are happy to be “men only”.

    It would have been an interesting study of media bias had the Harmann story broke at the same time as the “hand on knee” mega-scandal. Which would have got more coverage? My bet is the knee.

  25. @Mr Ecks, November 5, 2017 at 9:36 am

    We must get some dirt on the bitches. On the last thread someone mentioned some dirt on Rudd. That would be excellent if true. If the “wicked man-beast” meme can be broken the entire caper could collapse and be seen for the nonsense it is.

    You mean this?

    Alegedly Rudd has been at it with a married male Conservative MP and also with a female MP.

    MSM will ignore story – bias by omission.

    Widdecombe had to go to RT to be aired as UK MSM censored her.
    ‘Helpless snowflakes’: Anne Widdecombe leads backlash against Westminster sex scandal

    The politician-turned-commentator decried that “women are being so wimpish these days, wallowing in self-pity, expecting the men always to protect them.”

  26. @Robert, November 5, 2017 at 10:46 am


    Conflating inuedo and “fancy a shag?” with rape [not drunken date] and genuine sexual asault is an insult & demeaning to the latter.

    Leadsom behaved like a #metoo 19 year old to further [ha ha, rofl – undermine more like] her future leadership bid.

    Don’t forget the politicians, councils, police etc covering up the very real rape & sexual assault of thousands of <16 girls by RoPs.

  27. The Conservatives under the control of Milk Street Conspirators Margaret Brains Thatcher and ace sexual pervert Keith Joseph bribed their way to power by virtually giving away council houses to former tenants and followed up by inflating house prices to enormous levels.But being dim and uneducated they didn’t realise or care that they could only do this once and now the Conservatives are on the hook for thousands of the next generation paying £800 -£1000 a month rents because they can’t afford mortgages.Now the Conservative debris are doing what Conservatives do best:panicking and shitting themselves. As the Observer columnist remarked “One senior Tory puts this starkly:If we don’t do something about housing we won’t just lose an election, we will lose a generation.”
    In the masturbatory unreality of Tory thinking, it is hardly surprising that some of them think they are Gods gift to sex.

  28. Moon at its November perigee and just past full and blow me down – DNR pops up with something about masturbation.

    There’s a “supermoon” next month so brace yourselves!

  29. On the one hand we have non-existent sex “scandals” which consist of whining females who have had their egos stoked by Marxist feminist bullshit. On the other hand we have DBC Reed wanking furiously over the mountain of millions of corpses and ruined lives that is socialism.

    You are scum Reedy. And the house-price situation is the result of decades of state-intervention both by BluLabour AND your dear friends in ZaNu.

    So you are stupid scum to boot.

  30. See above: Its not any longer people like me saying that the Tories have screwed up the housing market:now its senior Tories themselves

  31. So the Tories have been in power continuously since 1945 have they Reedy?

    Yes BluLabour have helped to fuck up the house price/housing situation. That is because–the idiot beliefs of idiots like you and the lies of BluLab notwithstanding–the Tories are NOT supporters of the free market. They stand for corporate socialism which is the system we have instead of free markets and real personal freedom.

    But of course Reedy, given a choice between reality and your idiot sloganizing beliefs about reality, an idiot like you is going to stick with slogans. So of course you proclaim that an ideal that the Tories do not and never have held has failed. On the evidence of actual troubles caused by the BluLab/ZaNu axis following policies that generate statist/socialist bungling and grotesque failure.

    You are of course a supporter of state meddling and intervention. But your leftist-charged ego is such that you think you know how the scum of socialism could have meddled with such skill as to gain a fabulous result. Except of course you don’t as socialism everywhere results in a pile of shite with even more certainty and reliability than the operation of the digestive system.

    Should you be personally blamed for buying into the same tired old Utopian cockrot when so many others have done exactly the same?

    Yes. Piss off.

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