What a pity that we don’t have a word for schadenfreude

That orange box says:

You do not have permission to create comments

Since when was I banned from ICAEW websites?

And yes, it does get better

Oliver Mott says:
November 7 2017 at 5:40 pm
Hi Richard. As per my email it appears that you have three profiles on that platform and have possibly been trying to comment using one of these. Your member profile which uses [email protected] is clear and up to date, please use this to post. If you have any further issues then you have my email and private line. Best regards, Oliver

Richard Murphy says:
November 7 2017 at 10:52 pm
Your claims are not true: I am blocked from this site and nothing I can do lets me on

I presume that is deliberate

It is not my job to resolve this: it is yours

I pay substantial fees to the ICAEW each year to be blocked from its web site


32 thoughts on “What a pity that we don’t have a word for schadenfreude”

  1. He’s a massive cunt to everyone, isn’t he? Someone could pull him from a burning building and he’d be a cunt to them too, he’d find a pretext.

    Does he have any friends, I wonder?

  2. Rob, he’s just one of those people that you wouldn’t piss on if they were on fire.

    If, however, he wasn’t on fire…

  3. Excellent, I can picture him stamping his foot shouting “I demand to be heard!”.

    Clearly he’s using the wrong login details but the chance of him backtracking and admitting that is zero.

  4. Bloke in Germany in Hong Kong

    My professional society just threw out a member for the first time in at least 5 years, for creating multiple profiles in an effort to evade payment of a trail of debts.

    Are they related?

  5. Murphy’s charm again endears him to someone with whom he has an actual or potential professional or business relationship. Does he self-harm too I wonder?

  6. “I pay substantial fees to the ICAEW each year to be blocked from its web site”

    A service Murphy provides for free on his blog.

  7. @gamecock

    I think Spud may branch out into that field of literary endeavour.

    (That book is a great example of a lost cause- if you are the kind of person who feels they need a book to do that stuff, you are probably beyond help. See also: dating guides)

  8. Dear Umbongo @ November 8, 2017 at 12:47 pm

    “I wonder if he claims his ICAEW subscription against tax. HMRC certainly allows the deduction.”

    If he has three logins, could he not claim it three times?


  9. Did he actually post this on his website? God knows one of the risks of blogging is assuming that other people find the most tedious domestic details of your life interesting, but going on in public about failure to log in to a website (almost certainly because the old fool has forgotten his password) is something I have never seen before.

  10. Rob: I wonder if the Worstall Snark Operation™ has had anything to do with that? Or is he reaching terminal grump?

  11. Your claims are not true

    ‘Claims’. Why would someone helping out with issues he has logging in make untrue ‘claims’? What’s in it for them? The paranoia is overwhelming.

    I often find that being the biggest cunt I can possibly be motivates other people to try harder when helping me out.

  12. I can but hope that when Murphy finally explodes, I am not in the immediate vicinity, covered in his pus.

  13. What a massive, jumped-up arsehole he is. I used to have to deal with twats like him many years ago in an old job. As I just said on a post to his blog (which of course will not make it through moderation, but at least he’ll read it), what a bumptious prick he is. Friend of the people? I think not: he’s showing his true colours there.

  14. Tractor Gent said:
    “is he reaching terminal grump?”

    Is that the movie about an autistic man trapped in an airport?

  15. Oliver Mott comes across as a pretty reasonable person. Richard M (quelle surprise) does not, although full points for allowing Bunty Hoven’s post.

  16. “I pay substantial fees to the ICAEW each year to be blocked from its web site”

    Then what’s his complaint – he’s paying to be blocked and they blocked him.

  17. I’ve replied with the following. I wonder if he’ll post this one…

    “Sometimes Richard Murphy shoots himself in the foot.

    Keep digging, Richard. What are you digging for? Bit late in the season for spuds, isn’t it?”

    Following the spud-you-don’t-like shinanegans in the 3-4 years since I’ve been reading Timmys excellent blog has been entertainingly annoying. But reading that post by him really made my blood fucking boil…

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