Who knew that we had such a thing?

At the same time, a European Union’s counter-propaganda unit detected an upsurge in pro-Kremlin fake news on the political crisis, playing up the tensions.


16 thoughts on “Who knew that we had such a thing?”

  1. Don’t we refer to this as ‘projection’ usually?

    And were these the guys that came up with the Captain Europe cartoon strip?

  2. So if a Russian ghost handler marries one of the brits who pumps out fake news from an office in stpetersburg. should they arrest the brit and get 450million should they come back to recruit more trolls?

  3. Without the UK budget contribution, there’s the hope that the nest of gravy slurpers at the External Action Service might shrink.

  4. “Who knew that we had such a thing?”

    Who did you think EU Steve / Newmania played for? When first appeared, it was all rather unsubtle..

  5. “…a European Union’s counter-propaganda unit…”

    Deliberate ambiguity there? It could mean ‘the EU’s counter-propaganda unit’ or ‘a counter-propaganda unit in the EU’. Presumably, the existence of the former might unsettle remainiac snowflakes who read the Grauniad.

  6. Wouldn’t it be just terrible if the EUCPU headquarters were raided by a nasty team of crash-helmet wearing , pickaxe-handle wielding blaggers like something out of the “Sweeny”. And some of the 450 mil stolen.

    Just awful that would be.

  7. Bloke in Germany in Hong Kong

    I’m sure I’ve seen it referred to as the “bendy banana bureau” before.

    Given that most large companies and all governments have propaganda/counter propaganda units, why is this surprising? The EU is the subject of more than its fair share of conspiracy theories (and has some genuine conspiracies to downplay) so this is serious y unsurprising.

    How long until we are told, here, that its a part of the Jewish world government plot?

  8. Key sentence:

    “However, the long-term corrosive effect of Russia’s use of disinformation to break down trust in western institutions is hard to measure and may be unmeasurable. ”

    In other words – it doesn’t exist. Naturally, the Western Lefts decades-long support of the Soviet Union and its pals goes unmentioned.

  9. Bloke in Germany in Hong Kong

    I think you have to be exceptionally naive to believe Russian meddling and nudging doesn’t exist. It probably isn’t as effective as the Russians would like, though.

  10. BiG

    “I think you have to be exceptionally naive to believe Russian meddling and nudging doesn’t exist.”

    True, but irrelevant. Every state, institution and commercial organisation does the same. This whole gadarene rush to create a new McCarthyite Red/Russian scare would be laughable if it wasn’t also dangerous.

  11. Mr Ecks – count me in if you’re recruiting.

    BIGIHK – Actually the russians have traditionally been rather good at espionage and meddling overseas, something to do partly with having a large pool of useful idiots (eg. che guavara-wearing teeshirts and so on) all over the planet and partly probably to do with the Russian national character being cold eyed chessplaying pschopaths – these being the main requirements for running agents.

  12. Bloke in Germany in Hong Kong

    Bii, quite right. There are, believe it or not, anti-falun gong demonstrations going on here at the mo. Got a pic of one next to a pro-falun banner.

    Of course they are both nutty, but who thinks those are purely grassroots local feelings with zero connections to the CCP?

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