Why would this be a surprise?

Sheep have demonstrated a celebrity-spotter’s ability to recognise faces of famous people, including former US President Barack Obama – according to new research by the University of Cambridge.

You’d rather expect herd animals to be able to recognise members of the herd, wouldn’t you?

22 thoughts on “Why would this be a surprise?”

  1. I heard a similar comment on the radio. A sheep farmer was interviewed and said that the sheep recognised him when he entered the field so why did they need a university project to prove what he had known for decades?

  2. Surely Andrew we needed to know that sheep recognise the former president, presumably without having met him before

  3. @Diogenes

    Good point.

    Didn’t they used to do an occasional thing in the media about whether members of the public recognised the leader of the Liberal Party or Labour’s shadow minister for whatever?

    Have they tried that on the sheep? They’d probably score higher.

  4. Fopllowing on from Andrew C, I was once accosted by a journalist form the Daily Star ( I use the term journalist loosely…) at a London terminus. Did I know the names of 7 cabinet ministers? Yes. Did I know the names of 7 shadow ministers,? OK, a little trickier, but yes. Did I know the names of the 7 dwarfs? I got 5!

    But, as suspected, more people knew the 7 dwarfs than 7 cabinet ministers. I was the only one (out of about 40, who named 14 politicians.

    Maybe I should get a life…..

  5. It is quite curious that they recognised him from a picture. Dogs for instance are quite good a recognising people but not from pictures.

  6. When I was about eight I took part in the Pepsi Challenge and learnt that I could tell Pepsi from Coke. Pepsi was better.

    Of course I still preferred Dandelion and Burdock or Vimto.

  7. DearieMe

    Vimto is rubbish in the UK now- no proper sugar.

    Wonderfully, that which you can buy in Norway still has sugar. Sure it’s about 5 quid a tin, but that’s Norway for you.

  8. It is quite curious that they recognised him from a picture. Dogs for instance are quite good a recognising people but not from pictures.

    Yes, that was the ‘original’ part of this research.

  9. Nothing like a decent Dandelion and Burdock, but you need to get the proper stuff, not this plasticized carbonated pish they put about today.

    Apropos of sheep, I was very surprised when I heard the news about Dolly the sheep being the first cloned major mammal, since I’d always presumed they were cloned anyway…

  10. Veering madly off topic, Blackburn market used to have a temperance stall – still there last time I visited, a few years ago – selling properly brewed Dandelion & Burdock as well as Sarsaparilla from wooden casks. A real blast from the past :).

  11. So Much For Subtlety

    John Square – “I feel this thread is lacking Tim N’s input.”

    Why? You think he is worried about being picked out of a police line up?

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