A twitter account to follow

Morphy Richards.

15 thoughts on “A twitter account to follow”

  1. That’s brilliant and I can immediately think of one other Murphy-like twat who richly deserves a similar parody.

  2. Bloke in Taiwan said:
    “I can immediately think of one other Murphy-like twat who richly deserves a similar parody.”

    That would be a Jolly-old game.

  3. I hope it survives, but I suspect a manufacturer of toasters is going to object, even if the cardiganed twat in Ely can do nothing about it.

  4. Twatter is a (largely) leftist echo-chamber. So apart from tee-hee, what’s the point? Will such amusing comments make anyone think again? Where is the full-on opposition to the creeping and populist socialism of Corborg and Spud?

  5. Ahhh Twitter where evidently having a center-right free market view gets you banned but posting videos in support of people shouting antisemetic slogans at the embassy of the country in which you are based and has facilitated your ability to make your fortune is all good.

    Gotta love Silicon Valley. Wasn’t it supposed to be a Galt’s Gulch of real liberal entrepreneurs?

  6. @Theophrastus, December 12, 2017 at 7:09 pm

    Where is the full-on opposition to the creeping and populist socialism of Corborg and Spud, May, Hammond and now Gove?

    FTFY, no charge or tax.

  7. Off-topic but I’m sure there are lots of messy trousers and keyboards over at the BBC who are (inevitably) leading their news agenda based on the idea that the most important news item in Britain today is that some bloke I’ve never heard of has beaten someone else I’ve never heard of in a place I thought was a Lynyrd Skynyrd song but this is a set-back for DONALD TRUMP and so must be reported as almost certainly the beginning of the end for his presidency and he’ll be impeached and now over to our Washington correspondent.

    FUCK OFF BBC. Time was when foreign news was only reported if it actually mattered to the UK. And 99% of the Trump stuff doesn’t. It just doesn’t.

  8. @Andrew C: I was away visiting friends over the weekend, and as a result ended up watching the BBC news on a number of occasions. It was all I could do to stop myself kicking the TV in and walking out. I’ve forgotten how biased the BBC is, having ditched the TV and Licence Fee too.

    I also had to sit through a ‘Global Climate Change’ propaganda film, thinly disguised as a ‘Wildlife Documentary’. The low point being that wrinkled old fraud David Attenborough sitting by a glass tank of sea shells some ‘scientist’ had just poured some acid into, manifesting much hissing and fizzing, followed by the statement ‘the oceans are getting more acidic’, with the implication that if we all continue sinning against Gaia the same will happen to all the wildlife in the seas.

    My friends are intelligent people, yet they sit there lapping it up. I’m beginning to think becoming a hermit is the best way to go, they way things are.

  9. @ Jim

    The correct approach to Auntie’s propaganda is the one you (and I) have taken. Don’t pay the TV tax – if enough people do this the gender neutral w*nkers who run it will have to find another state teat to suck on.

  10. Back to the topic at hand. I only found this blog and discovered who the hell Richard Murphy was by being immediately banned from his blog for making a factual correction to a bullshit comment he made in the Guardian.

    Occasionally, when I am bored I still read the “Raggin on” threads here. However, I am absolutely delighted that the esteemed Murphy Richards has again taken to Twitter. 10 minutes of giggling and laughing while everyone on the train looks at me sideways.

    I do hope this last longer than the snow.

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