A vague thought about Noel Gallagher

The sneering about Oasis was that he was using discarded Beatles middle eights to build entire songs around.

Harsh but fair.

Having just listened to Holy Mountain from the new album it appears that he’s moved on to using drum tracks from The Sweet. Maybe Ram Jam.


16 thoughts on “A vague thought about Noel Gallagher”

  1. @ Shibusa
    The New Seekers is closer to the mark. Aren’t all their songs slowed down variants of “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing””?
    Speaking as one who is Manc born, I think the Oasis Twins should be made honorary Scousers.

  2. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Nowt wrong with Sweet. The glam rock crowd turned out some cracking tunes between them. And now it’s the time of year when we get to hear Noddy Holder belting out the hands-down number one Christmas song of all time.

  3. For me a certain amount of nostalgia is attached to “Merry Christmas” by Slade as a result of happy times to which it formed a soundtrack.

    But considered just on its merits as a song it is poor. Spoiled mainly by its monotonous tune.

  4. Yes, I’m sure Iggy Pop gets all the jokes. I once read a rider he prepared.for a UK tour in which he ‘demanded’ for his dressing room “A Bob Hope impersonator to regale me with stories of Bing Crosby, golf and Vegas in the early days (God how I wish I’d been there)”.

  5. Which is the one with the really punchable face? Liam, I think. Saw him in Hampstead a few years ago. The blood lust rose. If I haven’t confused the two, Noel is almost likeable.

    Uninterested in the, er, music. A cacophany of mangy Mancs in deliberately shoddy clothing.

  6. They paid a fortune for those duds Edward Lud. It’s just that they wear them like they’ve shoplifted them.

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