And will they go back over settled cases?

Scotland Yard has announced a ­review of all current rape and sex abuse investigations after a second trial collapsed in less than a week amid claims that police withheld crucial evidence.

Isaac Itiary, 25, had been charged with the rape of a child, but the case was thrown out on Tuesday after concerns were raised over the failure of detectives to disclose vital material to prosecutors and the defence.

Just days ago, 22-year-old Liam Allan had his case thrown out when it emerged police had failed to disclose thousands of text messages that would have proved his innocence.

It has since emerged that it was the same Scotland Yard detective who had worked on both cases. Detective Constable Mark Azariah, 37, who works on the Met’s specialist rape and sex abuse unit, is still on full active duty.

But the collapse of two cases in similar circumstances in a matter of days has prompted senior officers to launch a review of every live rape case currently being investigated by the force.

Anyone serving time unfairly we think?

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  1. You’d think that anyone who was convicted in a case involving DC Azariah would now appeal. And in due course sue.

    What an effing shambles; it comes, I suppose, from The Chosen being able magically to know that all rape accusations are true. Golly, how I loathe priesthoods.

  2. @ Mr Ecks
    We don’t *know* that Rolf served time unfairly – we only know that some charges were utterly false since he couldn’t be in Canada and Cambridge at the same time.

  3. We don’t “know” that–but since the charges have something very fucking wrong with them ( “7 year old” molested at fete for which not the slightest evidence exists ie not only unable to place Rolf at the alleged scene of the crime, unable to place scene of crime at scene of crime/ “13 year old” molested at event which DID happen but 3 years later than she says at a completely different venue–no witnesses of course) it is a very fair bet indeed.

  4. @ Mr Ecks
    You are only quoting accusations provably false – as I did. The alleged “friend” of his daughter who alleged abuse could have been telling the truth … We don’t know because we cannot read minds.

  5. Clarrisa –admitted his guilt first time around on the advice of his fuckwit lawyers cos they likely told him that he would be gone easy on if he did.

    He was double rousted for his stupidity and had his sentence increased.

    Later on, after a number of high-profile defeats put the entire Yewtree circus in danger of collapse all the stops were pulled out to fix Rolf’s wagon. They succeeded and then decided to further boost their just shored up position by having a second go at Hall. Because nothing is easier than re-rousting some chump who has already capitulated and copped out of weakness and fear of gasping out his last in jail.

    You will note–even from so dubious a source as Wiki the number of very serious claims the BluBottles dropped. Why–if Hall is such a dangerous “predator”?

    Among the ranks of such Grade A predation plans claimed for the Monster Hall was the accusation that, during a dinner-party at a friends house Hall excused himself to go to the toilet upstairs and decided to molest/rape his friends young daughter. Being gone 10/15 mInutes mine hosts would just assume he was emptying his bowels at leisure. Of course–Hall being mid-aged even in the 70s , his friends might have shouted upstairs in case he’d had a heart attack on the pot. And would have been surprised to hear his strained voice coming from their daughter’s room rather than the toilet. No matter–still a very sound plan. Had the girl screamed etc Hall likely decided he’d just strangle her and open a window so that he could claim he arrived just in time to witness a dark figure jumping out. As for his fingerprints / DNA being everywhere he probably exercised his predatory genius by wearing gloves all through dinner.

    Cockrot on Stilts. And no surprise the charges were not pressed. Even the scum of Yewtree are obliged to recognise some limits to human credulity.

    Hall was a bumptious fellow and I can believe he might have been a low level arse pincher/toucher or a quick groper. Him and millions of others.

    Genuine serious sex criminal–when not one allegation emerged prior to the Savilepocalypse? NO.

  6. John 77–A parcel of bullshit charges were assembled by Mr Plod trawling with promises of compo cash for “victims”. These included some Aussie female with tall tales who showed her interest by already getting 30,000 in Australia . And Rolf’s former mistress who also had already tried to blackmail him years before and been correctly told to get lost. The two tall tales referred to previously. And the “he said/she said” tale you refer to. And as you acknowledge –we will never know.

    Such tales should be covered by “innocent unless proven guilty”. We know who fucked that one in sexual matters.

    Which is way Mr Bliar deserve a war crimes trial on exactly the same legal basis.

  7. Funny how this “lack of resources” affected the evidence submitted for the defence, not the prosecution. Weird.

  8. @Rob, December 20, 2017 at 6:20 pm

    Funny how this “lack of resources” affected the evidence submitted for the defence, not the prosecution. Weird.

    Weird is not the word I’d use. BBC/C4, after doing the homeless rough sleepers sob story again report it as “lack of resources”, police unable to read all evidence.

    Bullshit on two counts:

    1. Detective Constable Mark Azariah told both defense lawyers & CPS the messages were “too personal” and contained nothing to undermine prosecution – he had read them, resources available. He lied aka perverting justice.

    2. Police are required to give all evidence to CPS and Defense – it is they, not police who “resource” examining the evidence.

    I see the withholding of evidence as police responding to political pressure & CPS Alison Saunders demand more men are convicted.

    Shame on BBC/C4 for avoiding the “why” and knee-jerk blaming “Tory cuts”.

  9. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Let’s see. Perverting the course of justice, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, misconduct in public office and malicious prosecution. How about twenty years each on the first two counts, to run consecutively, and we’ll let the other two slide? A few bent rozzers doing serious porridge would make a lot more of ’em straighten up and fly right. As for the cow that started all this: throw the book at her. Perverting etc., making false statements, wasting police time. If she ever said anything under oath, do her for perjury as well.

  10. @john77

    Thanks. imho tip of an iceberg

    Liam Allan barrister revealed a lot:

    Left SJW Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders described what happened to Liam as ‘regrettable’

    That’s it, ‘regrettable’? Almost ruining a man’s future and two years of living in fear and all you say is ‘regrettable’. Alison Saunders is a pure evil left fascist.

    I hope she chokes on a turkey bone on Christmas day – wishing her a miserable Christmas.

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