Anyone pluck the logic out of this?

Turns out, data suggests that it’s not just people of color who would benefit financially from closing the racial wage gap in the United States: About $2 trillion in U.S. gross domestic product is lost because of race-based pay discrimination, research suggests.

Both “The Business Case for Racial Equality,” a report published by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and “The Equity Solution: Racial Inclusion Is Key to Growing a Strong New Economy,” a study published by PolicyLink, estimate that America’s GDP would increase by around $2 trillion annually — or by 14% — if the racial income gap were closed.

Just paying some section of the population higher wages increases GDP does it?

No, sadly, the analysis isn’t any more than that. It really is just “if blacks earned the same as whites then the economy would be.” Sigh.

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  1. Presumably ‘People of color’ will actually have to earn more than whites to even things up, as so many of them choose to operate outside of the traditional labour markets and in vibrant trades like dealing, robbing, pimping and shooting each other in the face.

  2. So it’s now evil racist Scrooge McDucks keeping all that money hidden away in vaults so that they can ski down it. They should be forced to spend it on paying people properly, then there would be much more money around!

  3. If all the blacks were employed in the public sector, it’d work, wouldn’t it? Government spending being counted as GDP, on a dollar for dollar basis.
    Looking round the council offices in London, the UK seems to be trying the experiment.

  4. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    Does anyone believe there’s a widespread phenomenon of evil white male capitalists, moustaches a-twirl and top hats a-quiver with sinister laughter, as they conspire to deliberately pay brown people and women less?


    The “gender pay gap”, such as it is, turned out to be just measuring the different aggregate choices of men and women.

    The racial pay gap is probably doing the same, plus IQ. So if a bloc of about 15% of your population has an average IQ one standard deviation below the majority group, as black Americans do, and an unfortunate tendency towards behaviours which lower their productivity, it’s gonna take a monstrous effort of market intervention to torture wages into racial parity.

    Orientals in the US do better on average, have higher earnings on average, and higher IQ on average than their white co-citizens. Does that mean the American economy is racist against palefaces too?

  5. ‘About $2 trillion in U.S. gross domestic product is lost’

    It used to be that you couldn’t lose what you didn’t have.

    ‘”I wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves,” referring, of course, to the White House.’

    You volunteered for it, dumbass.

  6. When they start talking about fixing the U.S. educational system from the ground up, I’ll start paying attention.

    The Columbus school system is largely staffed by ‘people of color’ and isn’t worth a shit. The very black African immigrant community of Central Ohio understands this, which is why as many of them as can leave Columbus to park their kids in a suburban district. I had two Somali clients who returned $10,000 (each) in first time homeowners assistance money to the federal government so they could get their kids out of the Columbus school district.

    When ‘people of color’ start demanding that ‘people of color’ in their school districts who can’t teach or manage get fired, I’ll start paying attention. All else is piffle.

  7. If, having controlled for qualifications, experience and performance, minority employees were cheaper then workforces would be full of them. Same applies to the gender pay gap.

  8. Can someone clear up what is acceptable for me to be saying these days as a white male.

    people of colour, or

    I though people of colour was frowned on as waycist these days?

  9. Ok, if they’re going to strangle the English language, they have to do it consistantly.

    Turns out, data suggests that it’s not just people of color who would benefit financially from closing the gap of wage of race in the States of United: About $2 trillion of $2 in product of domestic of gross of U.S. is lost because of discrimination of pay of race-base, research suggests.

    Both Equality of Race of Case of Business, a Foundation of Kellog of publish of report, and the Solution of Equity: Inclusion of Racial is Key to Grwoing a Economy of New of Strong, a study published by PolicyLink, estimate that GDP of America would increase by around trillion of $2 annually, or by 14%, if the gap of income of racial were closed.

  10. Anyone pluck the logic out of this?

    It’s the “mute in glorious Milton” ‘fallacy’* with an anti-racist twist. Those oppressed ethnics comprise a vast pool of talent – geniuses, even! – that will never be realised unless whitey stops discriminating and pays them all more…

    Yet only afros underachieve, partly because they have low IQs but mainly because the black family is so often single parent and utterly dysfunctional.

    *Full many a gem of purest ray serene
    The dark unfathom’d caves of ocean bear:
    Full many a flower is born to blush unseen, 55
    And waste its sweetness on the desert air.

    Some village Hampden that with dauntless breast
    The little tyrant of his fields withstood,
    Some mute inglorious Milton here may rest,
    Some Cromwell guiltless of his country’s blood. 60

  11. @BraveFart
    I think it may be a braces/suspenders problem of UK/US English. In the UK, we talk about ‘coloured’ people, because most of them ain’t black. But in the US it’s no longer PC (as Benedict Cumberbatch discovered, to much hilarity in our household) and ‘black’ is preferred, even though the largest and oldest-established body representing them is the NAACP. Go figure (as our transatlantic friends say).

    Happy to be corrected by a proper USian.

  12. Lol.

    This is an obviously ridiculous claim. Deandre Harris was given $120000 by virtue signalling liberals because he took a few hits back after assaulting an elderly man with a maglite.

    Unless you think that the profits from when he spent that money to buy overpriced sneakers and a Mercedes for his rap video will mostly stay in America, giving money to blacks is unlikely to benefit the American economy.

  13. Well, more productive people get higher wages, don’t they? That must mean that increasing wages would increase productivity! If you can’t see the logic in that you haven’t received a proper education. Report immediately to the nearest re-education camp.

  14. Happy to be corrected by a proper USian.

    By and large you a correct, but only in a narrow sense. You have to remember that the whole point to identity politics is to position yourself so as to be offended by whomever, whenever. This puts you – the nonwhite whatever – in a position of power vis-a-vie nervous white folk like BraveFart.

    Back in my blogging days I was in the midst of working with another blogger to unmask a college professor by the name of Ward Churchill as both a fake scholar as well as a fake Indian. As this went on and gained traction, I started getting emails from American Indians (and especially one very crusty female tribal elder) telling me to stop using the term “Native American” because that wasn’t what Indians called themselves. They referred to themselves as Indians. So I started referring to them as Indians in my blogging. Then out came the white liberals, who started bitching at me for calling them Indians when the P.C. term was “Native Americans”. When I told them that Indians wanted to be called Indians, the response I got was basically “Who gives a fuck what they want?”

    And of course Indians in Canada ain’t “Indians” or “Native Americans”. They’re Indigenous Peoples, or Native Canadians, or First Nations or Inuit or something else I can’t remember at the moment. With them it seems to depend on what day of the week it is.

    Then there’s the whole Negro/Black/African-American thing. That’s best summed up by this: I had a Somali client who made the mistake of attending some bogus community development conference hosted by The Ohio State University. He came back from it as mad as a hornet because some OSU professorial dimwit spent half an hour lecturing him that he wasn’t really African-American, despite the fact that he (1) was black, (2) was born in Africa, and (3) was a US citizen.

    So, if you’re white, and especially if you’re white and male, and especially, especially if you’re white, male and heterosexual (bonus points if you’re also Christian), there is no way to behave without giving offense to someone about something. Best thing to do? Grow a pair and start telling folks that homey don’t play that.

  15. Y’all seem to think logic and justice matter. When they say they don’t get enough cash they is telling you what to do. So don’t argue. Or you will upset someone

  16. Dennis the Peasant

    “Can someone clear up what is acceptable for me to be saying these days as a white male.”

    Nothing. You’re a white male.

    So say whatever the fuck you want and stop worrying about it”

    It’s getting that way. Unless you agree with every single thing they say, the Left hate you.

    They’ll shroud wave about just about anything and then spend all their time and energy denouncing you for not finding whatever the latest bandwagon humanitarian poverty crisis is as tragic as they do, despite them not doing a single thing to actually help the situation.

  17. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    Dennis – I had a Somali client […] some OSU professorial dimwit spent half an hour lecturing him that he wasn’t really African-American

    I think I see the problem.

  18. So Much For Subtlety

    You know, I may well have form in this area, and I really don’t like pointing out the obvious …. but aren’t they really saying that America would be $2 trillion richer if Blacks weren’t so lazy?

    Perhaps there is a more neutral way to put that – if Blacks studied and worked as hard as Whites, if Blacks were as productive as Whites, if Blacks were as law abiding as Whites, then America would be 14% richer. That is more or less what that report is saying?

    The Black Undertow is not just a myth you know. They are literally holding America down.

  19. “Chris Miller
    December 11, 2017 at 6:12 pm ”

    In the US;

    Apparently, after a short break, ‘Black’ has been allowed again.

    Other than that, ‘people of color’ (not ‘colored people’!) is OK here among those that GAF. – ei, SJW twits in academia.

  20. Can someone clear up what is acceptable for me to be saying these days as a white male. people of colour, or blacks
    People of Colour is in, Coloured People is out. Goodness knows why.
    “Blacks” is a no-no because it’s a noun, use “Black Lawyer” or “Black Musician” etc. instead.

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