Anyone with access to Nature?

Greater post-Neolithic wealth disparities in Eurasia than in North America and Mesoamerica

This looks like something interesting to have a look at.

Thanks, I have this now…..

7 thoughts on “Anyone with access to Nature?”

  1. Just how much do we know about Mesoamerica? I can understand it for North America and we all know about the Pharaohs and Babylonians and Chinese so it is not such a stretch to interpolate back to Neolithic times

  2. ‘which adds to the challenge of placing current wealth disparities into a long-term perspective’

    I don’t care, you still can’t have my stuff. Get your own.

    EVERYONE in America has more than those in neolithic times. Rejoice? No, complain that some have more than others.

    All have equality of opportunity. The CM’s ridiculous demand for equality of outcome can only be realized by killing equality of opportunity. A death sentence to prosperity.

  3. I’m not sure about this. My house would buy a mansion in the NE, and I couldn’t afford a tiny flat in central London, much smaller than my detached house.

  4. Good job I didn’t post a rely yesterday. In my tiredness, I horribly misunderstood the post title.

    I thought you were going to ask someone to observe/gather something in local woodland.

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