As I’ve been saying about that Brexit divorce bill

Theresa May faced a backlash from some MPs this week after agreeing a formula that could see the UK hand Brussels up to £40billion to settle ‘liabilities’ run up during our EU membership.
But the Office for Budget Responsibility forecasts that staying in the EU for just four years after March 2019 would cost the UK £55 billion.

21 thoughts on “As I’ve been saying about that Brexit divorce bill”

  1. According to the EU accounts everything they receive goes on current expenditure. According to the EU British governments have signed us up to large expenditure in future. If the EU is telling the truth it follows that our contributions were about to be raised considerably. In which case we should pay up in return for evidence of the identities of those who signed us up for massive expenditure without so much as a mention.
    If not we should get out regardless of cost- though obviously paying as little as possible.

  2. May and her Remainiac gang need to be personally and individually punished for their cowardice and assorted sell-outs.

    Certainly her pension needs to be confiscated and any other pay-offs perks etc when she gets the boot. Were I her successor I would put the word out such that the only offers of employment she subsequently gets will be in the full light of the media and demeaning– eg shelf-filler at Tesco etc. No Directorships , no seats on boards or Quangos (if it was me in No10 they’d all be history in less than 7 days anyway) etc.

    I’d do a lot worse but to detail it all would just make me sound crazy.

  3. Talk of £40bn sticks in my craw already; but, depending on the final deal, it would be worth every penny if (and only if) it means we get out of the Fourth Reich.

  4. The EU budget beyond 2020 has not been agreed yet.(Have they even started?) UK cannot have any concrete liabilities beyond that point.

    EFTA membership for a temporary period is what I would support. Even if it requires replicating the Norway grants (which aren’t a fee for Single Market participation). EFTA members pay money directly to poorer EU nations. Use some of that bloated foreign aid budget and keep the cash out of the hands of Brussels at the same time.

  5. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    If they want 40billions worth of something, isn’t what Trident costs ?

    We could deliver that to them.

    From the Atlantic.

  6. With a bit of luck and that heady Brussels mixture of bad faith and stupidity, the December EU summit will declare that insufficient progress has been made for trade talks to begin.

    With the Florence speech and now the £40bn concession disappearing without a belch into the euro-maw and no concession given in return, May will be forced to head for the WTO door in order to salvage any shred of self-respect she might still have.

  7. When my parents got divorced I don’t remember my Mum having to pay my Dad to get out. On the contrary, my Dad had to pay my Mum maintainance for the next 20 years.

  8. I do sometimes wonder if DD has given up on a good deal, and is instead negotiating one so awful that Parliament will reject it.

  9. UK could go NorK on ’em. Is that what you are suggesting Bloke no Longer in Austria?

    I like it!

    “Dear EU,


    Or else.”



  10. I do sometimes wonder if DD has given up on a good deal, and is instead negotiating one so awful that Parliament will reject it.

    The thing is that David Davis doesn’t need to do anything to make this happen, the EU will do this all on its own. David Davis’ Euroscepticism goes back decades and he has always known that they were a bunch of evil, backstabbing bastards.

    In the EU’s desire to punish Britain for BRExit and “pour encourager les autres”, the EU is quite happy to cut off its nose to spite its face. This is neither new, nor surprising.

    What they don’t seem to realise is that a large (and I believe growing) number of us would rather walk away from any EU deal regardless. It is not that we seek trade chaos, or are deliberately being suicidal, we just think that a deal negotiated in bad faith is worthless than no deal at all.

    I’m quite happy for Donald Tusk to effectively give a unilateral veto on the UK/EU BRExit deal to the gay Indian pretending to be the Irish Taoiseach, since it provides an opportunity to bring these farcical theatrics to an early conclusion that “No Deal is Possible”.

    Far better to determine that in December 2017 than at the end of March 2019, since it gives all parties time to get their WTO operating processes in place.

  11. Dan Hannan:

    “…In other words, any border will be imposed by the EU on the Irish side. The UK side will remain open. Irish and EU politicians insist that this would still somehow be our fault, since we are creating the situation by leaving. That is ridiculous. We might as well argue that it is Ireland’s fault for not leaving with us or, indeed, Ireland’s fault for creating the border in the first place.

    The reality is that Britain will not erect a border. If there ends up being a border, it will be imposed by Dublin and Brussels…”

    If only May, Davis, Rudd et al would be strong and make this point.

    btw When Bulgaria, Hungary etc joined EU, what happened to their borders with non-EU coutries?

  12. @ Pcar
    Bulgaria and Hyngary had existing borders with non-EU countries. So what happened was that additional customs duty was demanded on goods entering Bulgaria and Hungary and paperwork accompanying the goods (but not, usually, the goods themselves) were inspected to ensure that they were stated to comply with EU regulations.
    We all know that paperwork and reality are not necessarily aligned since someone found horsemeat imported from the Eurozone in a beefburger but bureaucrats love pieces of paper.

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