Better for what?

But the only thing that can truly shape a better capitalism is better representation of people in politics and the workplace: a recognition that the private sector isn’t inherently superior,

Forget the usual confusion between markets and capitalism there.

Better at what?

A screwdriver is inherently better than a hoe? Or not? Or perhaps each is the appropriate tool for a specific task?

6 thoughts on “Better for what?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    This is just a long way of saying it is not fair that the geeks who focused on their homework ended up being paid large amounts by the City. And the only solution is to give more money and power to the likes of the author.

    Hugh Muir is associate editor of Guardian Opinion. He writes extensively about social policy, politics, policing, diversity and London government

    Yeah. Great. Just the person to listen to when it comes to the economy.

  2. But the only thing that can truly shape a better socialism is better representation of customers in politics and the marketplace: a recognition that the public sector isn’t inherently superior, ….

  3. ‘Don’t be fooled: corporations can’t be relied on to reset the economy.’

    Reset? What? Like Hillary’s ‘reset’ with Russia?

    ‘Capitalism needs more regulation and stronger unions’

    Capitalism needs fascism. But then it isn’t capitalism any more, is it? So he’s just saying we need fascism.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    NielsR – “Yes, but is a screwdriver more fair than a hoe? Everything else being neoliberal sophistry, etc…”

    I am sure BiS is more of an expert than me, but most of the hoes down my way ain’t fair at all. Old and tarted up more like.

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