Do people have to be cliches?

An architect who was the first Britain to have a same-sex marriage legally recognised died after overdosing on a gay sex drug when they broke up, an inquest has heard.

Then again, that social science finding about stereotypes.

7 thoughts on “Do people have to be cliches?”

  1. “been rushed to hospital in similar circumstances four months earlier but his housemate, who later moved out, rushed him to hospital, saving his life” – err so i take it they were shagging which begs the question who was the deceased havingsex with this time while using the gay-sex-drug. Not that i care for prurient reasons but pretty important if its an inquest.

  2. “Speaking of cliches”: poor Sarah Corbett. Girls with her looks are now going to go through life under suspicion of being trannies.

  3. In the Sarah Corbett article, the journalist has the annoying habit of switching between first and last names when referring to the same person.

    She is a lefty stereotype, because she cares only about the process, not the outcome:

    A few years ago, Sarah affixed a mini-banner to the bottom of a fence around a basketball pitch – a hang-out for young men, in a part of South London notorious for gang violence.

    She hoped the kids would notice it, find it surprising and understand that someone cared about them.

    But besides hoping, she doesn’t care to evaluate whether her efforts actually reduced gang violence.

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