It is of course deeply diddums that someone producing in Kent might face higher labour costs as a result of Brexit. But the solution for all of us is as it ever has been. We can import that cheap labour, as we have for 70 odd years now, or we can just import the labour embedded in the fruit and veg we desire. No skin off our noses because free trade and unhindered markets do, no really I insist, work. Even to the point that if Kent is the right place to be producing these things then Kent is where we’ll get them from. Free trade even achieves that miracle.

7 thoughts on “Elsewhere”

  1. Couldn’t help but notice the next CapX article.

    Trump divides America, but he unites Britain

    By Sunder Katwala

    Usual foreigner telling Brits what they think.
    Sorry, but no.Trump’s dividing Britain as much as he’s dividing the US. Between the political class & its limp wristed hangers on who squirm in horror at the mention of his very name. And those of us wondering why we can’t have a Trump of our very own

  2. And, anyway, “British Future” – a ‘non-partisan’ think tank.


    1. Ex-Fabian Society and Observer.
    2. Shelter, Amnesty International and VSO.
    3. Teacher, Refugee Council, IPPR.
    4. Teacher, community fundraiser & charity CEO.
    5 & 6 – Ex-intern & Intern.


    Oh. Dear.

    Hmm, “non-partisan”. I suppose they could be, if you consider the world to be the AGM of the Islington Labour Club.

  3. Seasonal workers would be fine too. Come here, do the work, and bugger off again. That would enable us to keep an eye on food production quality – which is not so easy with imported food.

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