It is indeed fair, when harangued about how we really all should be eating organic food, to ask “Why do you want us to invade Poland? Again?”

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  1. Tim,

    Having got the Nazi bit out of the way at the start, you next article should be on how the Communist values of the Left managed to kill 150 million people over the years making Hitler’s effort look very poor in comparison.

  2. Couple of points Tim.

    First congrats on what I assume is a new gig at this publication (I don’t believe I’ve ever read it before)

    Second, if you have editorial control of what is published, spell “neighbour” etc correctly. You’re not a septic after all.

  3. Been there a couple of months now, it’s a nice gig. Not a great amount per piece but a couple of pieces a week on any subject of my choosing. Out of 20 – ish pieces they’ve only rejected one for being a subject they don’t want to cover which is pretty good by freelance standards.

    And they are sceptics and they edit to their spellings.

  4. Are they sceptical septics then?

    Tooze’s book “The Wages of Destruction” covers some of this.
    But in reverse. His argument was, that Germany suffered terribly from the blockade in WW1. So they were determined to ensure they had enough food for the next war. The desire for war came first; the need for food supplies came up as a result.
    The economist who, in 1936, argued for securing food by exporting good engineering products, was rejected; because it would render war impossible.
    It can be argued both ways, but Tooze makes a good case.

  5. I thought Germany invaded Poland because of the chronic shortage in Nazi Germany of plumbers and pole-dancers?

  6. @Tim Worstall

    Is your “Why do environmentalists want us to invade Poland?” a reply to this post a few days ago?

    @Tim Worstall,


    – Organic foods made illegal due to, say, fecal matter contamination

    – More resources available to grow non-organic foods

    – More efficiency & less spoilage/waste in distribution and retail as fewer SKUs


    – Lower food prices

    Yes? No?

  7. Pole dancers? I can’t stand this ethnic dancing crap, whether it be Morris dancers (now unisex), middle european women wearing dirndls and with flowers in their tightly plaited hair, blokes in lederhosen slapping each others arses to the accompaniment of an oompah band, red injuns howling, or African women jiggling topless. And as for those Lapps …

  8. Ah… that’s at least as contrived as the EU justification.

    It’s a fair bet, If that productivity growth had happened while polish and soviet farming stayed put, then i’m pretty sure it would have fed into even greater sense of superiority, the core value of the ideology behind a war of conquest and annihilation.

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