This is not confined to humans. Chimpanzees, vervet, and rhesus monkeys have all shown the same behaviour – and they’re not oppressed by capitalism, The Man, nor patriarchy.

Advertising is intended to sell the product – thus toy advertising should, as it does, appeal to those gender stereotypes, on the grounds that it works. Those complaining about this cannot have met any human beings, junior or adult, to think otherwise.

13 thoughts on “Elsewhere”

  1. As a young mother who had imbibed the spirit of second wave feminism, I kept my daughters’ options open. Barbies were transported on a large tip up truck and skateboard, and I found myself in full time employment assembling duplo to their brief. As to pink, the less you fight it, the sooner the phase is over.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    Mrs BiND was a teacher, reception and 1st year, and was adamant that our son wouldn’t get guns and the like as toys. It didn’t take him long to figure out how to make them out of Lego or spot gun shaped twigs as we walked through woods.

  3. @BiND

    Had exactly the same experience with my son.

    I have a feeling that the kids with guns at home bring the game to school with them.

    On the other hand- I had a Han Solo blaster when I was a boy, and I haven’t killed anyone. Yet.

  4. ‘Christi Tronetti, marketing director at creative transformation agency isobel, says YES.’

    How is the creative transformation agency business these days?

    ‘Kids are really smart and clever, so why do we insist on talking down to them and limiting their choices?’

    Why don’t we give ’em the vote?

  5. “Why don’t we give ’em the vote?”

    And then all primates and then all animal life — all ‘represented’ by leftoid human proxies, of course. Though, first, we might get ‘equal marriage’ for zoophiliacs…

  6. Theo: “I wish the ASA would stop encouraging the over-representation of black people in advertisements.”

    What nonsense you talk Theo. You only have to watch this years Christmas adverts to realise every family in the UK is multi-culti.

    BiND: I was never lucky enough to get such a great toy for Christmas but I remember seeing them–or something very like–in my Mam’s John England mail order catalogue.

  7. @John Square
    “On the other hand- I had a Han Solo blaster when I was a boy, and I haven’t killed anyone. Yet.”

    If you do, remember to shoot first 🙂

  8. @Bloke in North Dorset – oh how I longed for a johnny7 gun. Do you remember how the pistol grip could be pulled out and so revealed to be an actual pistol ?!!

    They have become a collectors item, so males born in the early sixties are now paying good money for them.

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