Eoin Clarke supports tax dodging!

So, Eoin Clarke’s old blog now tells you how to avoid estate taxes.

If anyone has ever been immortal they have kept it a well-guarded secret, because that just isn’t how the life cycle works. Part of this cycle includes taxes and death and it is inevitable. Having established the fact that you will die, it only makes sense to start preparing now, for unforeseen events and tragedies that can leave everyone devastated should you have an untimely death. Having adequate protection for those you love is protecting their welfare from the grave through an extensive estate plan. Without estate planning, your survivors could see strangers take what was meant for them and this is would be an especially sad day for your family and loved ones.

The guys over at Stone Sallus Law say that you

This is one of those pieces written to get a bit of cash from people looking for a better Google position.

Times must be hard in the Irish feminism business then, eh?

Spotter, RichardT

5 thoughts on “Eoin Clarke supports tax dodging!”

  1. Sunny Hundal’s “liberacy conspiracy” site went the same way but some of its advertorials come the end were distinctly weird.

  2. Bloke in Costa Rica

    For rank Tartuffery it is of course impossible to beat Polly Toynbee but this comes pretty close.

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