Exercise compensates for the effects of pollution

Pollution wipes out the benefits of walking, a new study suggests.

6 thoughts on “Exercise compensates for the effects of pollution”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    To determine the impact of pollution on exercise, researchers asked 119 people to take a two-hour stroll through London’s Hyde Park and also Oxford Street, a busy shopping area.

    Alternatively looking at flowers is good for your health and looking at the scum of the Orontes spitting, shouting and littering is not.

    I can’t believe anyone paid money for this trash

  2. How many people would choose Oxford Street to take their exercise?

    @ SMFS I can, really can, believe that someone paid for this trash – almost certainly a pal of Sadiq Khan.

  3. john77…

    At this time of year a lot us take our exercise on Oxford Street and the surrounding environs – shopping for Xmas presents to placate our other half, entertaining clients in local restaurants, meeting up with haven’t-seen-you-in-an-age mates for a festive pint or two. Alcohol and festive decorations are a heady mix.

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