Jezza’s in trouble then

That matters enormously. In a world where Donald Trump daily suggests that there are no boundaries to the untruths that politicians can say, and after the Brexit campaign similarly eroded such boundaries in the UK, evidence that a politician can be held accountable for the statements that they make is incredibly important.

5 thoughts on “Jezza’s in trouble then”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    More people trying to pathologise political disagreements. They cannot accept Trump or Brexit, and they do not ever speak to people who support either, so the victory of both must be the work of evil malicious forces.

    The fact is the Left is deeply committed to lies. The Right not quite as much. Politicians are sometimes held accountable for their lies but to be honest we all like their lies too much to be rigorous about it.

  2. It’s like I said before, if the Left had more power they would kill us, as if we were Jews or Kulaks.

    The demonizing of their opponents is anti democracy. Remember that when they use the word democracy as a weapon. They don’t care about it; it is only a tool.

    The Left has spent the last year proclaiming that they don’t accept the results of the 2016 presidential election. The end of democracy in the U.S. Democratic elections don’t work if one side won’t accept the results.

  3. It’s like I said before, if the Left had more power they would kill us, as if we were Jews or Kulaks.

    To paraphrase something I read a while back: without exception, every public figure who advocated genocide in the first half of the 20th century considered himself a socialist.

  4. Not sure Hirohito’s mob happy to slaughter Chinese by the millions were Socialists.

    Nor are most of the Saudis happy to wipe out Israel.

    And the Balkans lot seem happy to wipe out each other regardless of political orientation. Socialism has been a rare unifying voice for that region.

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