Let’s test this idea

There is a significance to both beliefs that defines the way I view the world. I find the selfish isolationism that underpins too much of conventional economic thinking (whatever some conventional economists wish to say) incomprehensible and alien to what I see as the real human condition.

So, let us consider the operation of the market for this is what the Senior Lecturer means.

I, Pencil is perhaps the best such consideration.

7 billion people are cooperating though those market mechanisms to build the world we see in front of us.

Hmm, that’s some system of selfish isolationism, isn’t it?

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  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    The only explanation is that he lives in a parallel universe and his blog posts are some sort of leakage between his universe and ours.

  2. The tell-tale clause is this one: whatever some conventional economists wish to say which indicates that (a) Spud is not an economist and (b) an economist would know his stuff to be nonsense.

    The real human condition, and tragedy, is exemplified by a genius having to live in a semi detached house in Ely.

  3. So many of those who, like Spud, proclaim the virtues of community, sharing and solidarity turn out to be raving egomaniacs…

    Merry Christmas to you, Tim, and to all your readers!

  4. Mostly I’m just bored reading the ravings of this idiot, but occasionally it’s fun to point out his idiocies.

    You see nationalism is bad and deranged, a concept for mental pygmies.

    But at the same time, he is furious that his country has decided not to become part of one big country called Europe. This embryonic (moronic) country has numerous mechanisms to protect its trade and its borders.

    But the brain, or whatever the faecal matter inside his head is called, can hold these two conflicting views simultaneously.

    There really is no point in him writing this rubbish. It’s like trying to learn physics from a Professor who teaches that gravity only exists when he wants it to.

  5. @slattibartfast

    Not only does gravity only exist when Spud wants it to, it only exists BECAUSE he wants it to. And it exists in different forms and with different consequences depending on what it is Spud wants it to do.

    Conventional physicists may not agree.

  6. the potato’s delusion that only he knows the truth of the human condition/economics continues to grow. I’d almost feel sorry for him if he wasn’t such an obnoxious cunt.

    I expect him either to be found wandering around ely in a pair of piss stained longjohns and a vest mumbling incoherently about how only he knows the truth or nailed to the door of ely cathedral ranting about his economic theses

  7. Andrew C – sounds like something Pratchett came up with.
    Dragons that exist because you believe in them… (the Wrymberg).

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    I thought he supported the equivalent of the local food movement but in manufacturing? Never buy from overseas what you should buy locally?

    In fact if I bothered going back over his previous work, would anything support the notion that he is an internationalist? He should support Brexit and a Hard Brexit at that if he was.

  9. “The full title is “I, Pencil: My Family Tree as Told to Leonard E. Read” and it was first published in the December 1958 issue of The Freeman.”

    The idea is certainly older than that. My father made the same point to me when I was in short trousers, though his example was a box of matches rather than a pencil. He said he’d been similarly instructed by his grandfather when he was young.

  10. The fool looks at the mighty benefit of a multitude of what might be called “self-interested, remote interactions” and labels it “selfish isolationism”. The man’s a twat, but unfortunately his emotional notions are increasingly popular in this culture now.

    I like Matt Ridley’s take on it:


    Especially the comparison with the self-sufficiency stone tool and the computer mouse that millions made without knowing how.

  11. “To make money, one must always involve himself in some form of corruption. For when we perform a service only for the sake of money, we are no longer doing “honest” work.”

    Its like this guy read too much Thoreau in high school

  12. One has to give serious thought to BiND’s contention that Snippa’s reporting from the next universe over in the multiverse. Possibly inhabited by mildly intelligent insects. So little of his economic thought reflects what one might observe in human interaction & behaviour.
    So there’s no reason to believe the physics is the same as ours. Maybe the speed of light there is legislated & gravity piped into homes & adjusted to suit needs. They possibly turn it down at night to avoid wasting it.

  13. TQ, thanks for putting me right. Now I’m wondering how often it happens that one twin is gay and the other is a blotchy potato?

  14. Tony Querfotze said:
    “His brother is called Jonathan and tweets regularly.”

    Is that the one whose twitter description is “currently resting – but available – apply within”? Sounds rather like our Murphy, constantly putting out hints that he wants someone to give him a job.

  15. according to linkedin the potao’s twin was on the same course as me in 1974-76. I’ve a vague memory of an effeminate jonathan , but nothing really sticks in the mind. luckily i didn’t meet his brother.

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