Nerds need that billion dollar start up then?

It is bad news for sensitive, skinny men, but the old rules may still apply in the dating game.
When it comes to what women want, muscular, tall men still win out, a study suggests.

19 thoughts on “Nerds need that billion dollar start up then?”

  1. This is just stated preferences. Revealed preferences suggest that women have a far more complex and subtle set of demands which most men can’t begin to grasp.

  2. Since the survey asked women to judge by appearances, it only demonstrates what appearance women prefer. It says nothing about whether or not they prefer rich or poor men, famous or unknown, powerful or not, nor even kind or unkind.
    Doubtless in real life women are influenced by looks and other things, are rarely if ever presented with perfection- and would be out-competed for the perfect man anyway.

  3. Solid Steve 2

    Despite the many changes of moniker forced by ‘Fake Steves’ and other external events you retain the ability to force out peals of laughter in the midst of an open plan office. The first comment is sheer genius…..

  4. As Peter Crouch would be the first to admit – has admitted – would a woman such as my wife marry me if I wasn’t a Premiership footballer?

  5. Bernie G., one wonders whether Mrs. Crouch will take the first opportunity to exit stage left once he no longer plays footie.

  6. What, I wonder, do the feminists make of this.

    In surveys, women seem attracted to tall, fit good looking blokes and if they are rich that adds to things by making the good looking men even more attractive and the ugly blokes at least passable.

    I expect it’s all a patriarchal plot which only select ugly fat munter lezzies have the intelligence to see through.

  7. I’m no Adonis myself, but I do wonder about the quality of the totty in the UK these days compared to the days of my youth. Many are so huge they look as if they could only manage anything apart from flat on their backs – like cowgirl or doggy style – if you had a JCB to hoist them off the sofa into position.

  8. @Andrew M, December 13, 2017 at 1:34 pm
    “This is just stated preferences. Revealed preferences suggest”


    Bah, humbug – you beat me.

  9. As rule 41 enunciates, there is a man who fetishises about every single kind of woman: tall short, fat, skinny, old. Every.Single.Kind.Of.Woman.

    No matter what kind of woman you are, there is a guy who is into you. We keep going back to the well that slakes our thirst so to speak.

    Woman on the other hand have only ever wanted one kind of physical look. From Jane Austen, to Mills & Boon, to Darker Shade of Grey.

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