On not getting the joke

And last but not least, Julian And Sandy, who thinks he is two people.


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  1. Well I have to hand it to you Tim. a more mind numbing example of priggishness and nauseating sanctimoniousness I’ve not seen in a while – I mean just Wow…..

  2. I really liked his tech journalism back in the day. Had a skill and flair for it which is rare. The change in subject matter – dear to his heart as it is – seems to have lost some of that verve.

  3. I wonder how he would cope with those Romance languages where the word alters according to the gender of the person – acteur, actrice etc.

  4. Una paloma blanca.

    Obviously one of the first tasks of the New World Government is getting everyone to speak a non gendered language.

  5. Roue le jour

    The worry I have from my exposure to social media is that not five years ago views like the one in the blog would have been subject to ribald mockery – now increasingly taking issue with them could well lead to termination of employment. To all things there is a time, and this may well be theirs – at least until such time as whatever arises from the Ashes of ISIS comes in and dangles them all from a construction crane anyway!!!

  6. I was particularly saddened by the Iain Banks’ quote. I love his books, but anyone who thinks political correctness is just good manners is a fucking idiot. You don’t get sent to prison for being rude. (Well, you do now, obviously.)

  7. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    I liked the Iain Banks quote, complete with smug beardie headshot so you can visualise the lazy lefty platitudes coming fresh out of his word-hole:

    Political correctness is what right-wing bigots call what everybody else calls being polite

    But if Iain Banks is so smart, how come he’s dead? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  8. Lets hope “secularist” Banks can have a few conversations with some of the 150 million victims of his favoured cult. Wonder what they think about his idea of politeness.

  9. Bloke no Longer in Nuremberg

    I think that the best use of Mx is the one that Reagan was going to launch against the Russians.

    What an intensely depressing article. And as for that Iain Banks quote…. I am going to have to spend the rest of the day enamelling my Iron Cross.

  10. Either Julian or Sandy (from the original Round the Horne) was a relative of Paddick, the “bent copper” who was the LimpDem candidate for London mayor.

  11. Still got episodes of Round the Horne on cassette. Gift from my late father.

    In Spanish, we use the grammatical masculine to denote everybody of both sexes. So women are included in ‘Miembros’ (members) and we don’t use ‘Miembras’ (which if it existed would be grammatically female). Famously, the most stupid of Zapatero’s Ministers addressed a parliamentary commisson with ‘Miembros y miembras’, causing great hilarity and, at the same time, irritation in part of the population and hurrahs in the other part.

    When I protest about this abuse of a glorious language and a stroppy femi gets on my back (metaphorically I hasten to add) I remind them that when I (clearly an Alpha male, right?) am included in ‘personas’ I do not protest. I do not ask them to invent ‘persono’. Shuts them up wonderfully!

  12. In Hebrew, “someone” is rendered as “ben-adam”, or “son of Adam”.
    If that someone can, from the context, only be female, then the word used is “bat-hava”, or “daughter of Eve”.
    I noticed it first when a girl soldier was referring to her unit, the someone had to be another girl. Hence “bat-hava”.

    Which is a nice nuance to have in the language.

    Oddly, though, the Hebrew word for a girl’s breasts is in the masculine form.

  13. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Formations like abogada meaning shyster of the distaff persuasion are creeping into Spanish. We were laughing at lunch the other day about male and female birds and why the meat seems to be masculine even though it’s usually female birds that are eaten. For example, gander/goose is ganso/gansa but the meat is ganso. Likewise chicken is pollo despite the fact you’ll generally be eating gallina and not gallo. I pointed out if you tried to order polla in a restaurant you’d probably be asked to leave.

  14. In his own list the prat fails to notice gender-specific honorifics such as baron, baroness, marquis, marchioness etc. What point was he making?

  15. ‘La Victime était un grand homme barbu’ and ‘la pénis’ (aka la cigare aux moustaches) are among the wonders of gender in French.

  16. I am a great fan of Banks’ science fiction, despite his personal views being almost comically Progressive and SJW Jihadist. I say ‘despite’ but of course there is no link between the two for rational people; one can admire writing and not the writer.

    Doesn’t seem to be the case for the Left. Hate the author, burn the books. Totalitarian mindset vs rational liberal.

  17. Van_P: just fyi, I’m finding the word ‘Ashes’ quite triggering at the moment. Maybe ’embers’?

  18. Anyone who thinks political correctness is just being polite is naive. It’s what Orwell called ‘Crimestop’ – when you have absorbed it entirely you cannot commit a thoughtcrime.

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