On that British bint just sentenced in Egypt for drug smuggling

The Devil tells us what it’s all about.

The Egyptian sentence wasn’t far off what our own system might have provided. And rather less than it could have done if there were intent to supply.

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  1. Having lived and worked for a while in Egypt I find it quite difficult to imagine any drug not being available for a price in Egyptian pharmacies.

    My experience is if you knew the name of it they would get it for you – at least in the slightly more up market bits of Cairo.

    But yeah… dim bint certainly didn’t think much about it …. but then again she probably used FaceBook as a reference.

  2. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    I guess the lesson here is, don’t smuggle controlled substances into Egypt for your scumbag Muslim boyfriend who has a wife and kids anyway?

    Anyway, good luck to her in prison. One of the red tops, possibly slightly overestimating the sympathy its readers have for chavtastic drug-dealing camelphiles, has the headline “OUR GIRL WILL DIE IN HELLHOLE JAIL”.

    Which I felt was a bit much. I’d have gone for “LOL”.

  3. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    Elderly relative has been on powerful controlled opioid after an operation. Didn’t constantly need them, but was automatically re-prescribed them for several months.
    Result: loads left over, usually in unopened boxes.
    It’d take a while to gather 300 together, true, but I can see how it is done easily enough.

  4. My sympathy dried up when I heard she was bringing 300 tablets. WTF – 300! And she had no idea that might be a problem – never read any newspaper then!

    I read on the BBC site that she received these tablets “from a friend”. So she’s definitely in the illegal drug trade then.

    Three years was lucky!

    Typical of the current standard of reporting to miss all these issues though.

  5. Lesson here is don’t go near sandy sh*tholes. I’d love to see the Egyptian pyramids but there is no way I’m going anywhere near the place.

  6. I gather this stuff is only available on prescription in the UK, so getting hold of 300 involves something a bit dodgy. Though I understand even Co-codamol (freely available – in low dosage form, at least) can get you in trouble in some parts of the sandpit.

  7. Has there been any reporting of the wedding? Seems to be a Las Vegas style thing so that sleeping together would be legal in Cairo?

    Is the bloke entitled to NHS prescriptions? Has he ever even been to the UK?

    Is it also theft and fraud?

    No idea what the answers are, but these are questions that need to be asked.

  8. Re BNLiA’s comment:
    One of the features of the NHS fiasco surrounding my late father’s passing was leaving most of a box of injectable opiates plus syringes behind, when they fled.

  9. Congratulations to Tim Newman for an excellent blog on cross-cultural dating. I can understand the attraction, you don’t get all the chav paraphernalia that comes with hooking up with another Brit. However, I have in my memory bank very annoying experiences of the look the English girl gives you when you dare to ask just the lightest question on her exotic romantic entanglement. That look that says “racist”, that doesn’t indicate for a nano-second she has any inkling what a silly bitch she’s being.
    Fortunately we are not Americans; we do not go all sentimental over “our girl” in a foreign prison. Our Foreign Office is staffed by serious chaps who know better than to give a flying fuck for a stupid bint who smuggled drugs for her Egyptian ‘partner’.

  10. I struggle to get anything prescribed stronger than bloody Ibuprophen, even when I’m in agony, even when I tell them that Ibuprophen (which I’m perfectly capable of buying for pennies virtually anywhere) has done bugger all to help.
    Not sure what I’m doing wrong..

  11. JS,
    Codeine (in the form of co-codamol) is stronger, but by God it constipates you. You can take it with Ibuprofen.
    That Voltarol stuff used to help me with Statin-induced muscle spasms, and it was off prescription for a while. The Doc gave me 25mg, but a Greek pharmacist told me that was semi-useless, and I needed 50 or 100 (off prescription)..

  12. In this country what do we do when we catch a foreigner smuggling that class of drugs into our country? Presumably jail them?
    So if we do it why should Johnny Foreigner in his own country not do the same when a foreign woman tries to bring in illegal drugs obtained illegally?

    300 is a lot, man they were being brought to could well have sold many of them on.

  13. I’ve got a sackful of Tramadol that a doctor prescribed me here in France with barely a moment’s hesitation. I never took it, afraid I might become hooked. But this is France: if you go to a doctor with a slight stubbed toe they’ll write you a prescription which will clear out every pharmacy within a half mile radius.

  14. I thought in France every medical problem was diagnosed as ‘une crise de foie’ and a suppository prescribed. Perhaps things have moved on 🙂

  15. Bloke in Costa Rica

    If you can get past the reluctance to prescribe opioids in the UK and have a doctor sign off on them then they hand them out like Smarties. Here in CR you used to be able to get morphine hydrochloride 60mg tablets over the counter no questions asked. It was the front-line analgesic for dengue fever. They’ve cracked down a lot since then. You can still get codeine + diclofenac OTC. No idea how hard it would be to convince a quack that you needed the hard stuff. I’ve taken a fairly hefty dose of morphine to see if it would help my back and it did bugger all. I was afraid of upping the dose because of respiratory depression etc. but as far as I could tell it had about the same effect as 1200mg of ibuprofen.

    Up to the point where you’re actually writhing about and shrieking, the most effective analgesic is a really savage belt of something 80–100 proof, say 300ml of gin. That’s off the cards for me, though.

  16. BiCR,

    I was given iv morphine for a dislocated shoulder. Having carried syrettes of the stuff through numerous war zones to hand out in case of shot or blown up peeps, I was expecting a bit more than “bugger, that _still_ hurts.”


  17. Bloke in North Dorset

    She may have got a similar sentence to what she would have received in UK but I’ll bet it wil seem a lot longer.

    Not that I have any sympathy, anyone travelling to serious foreign who doesn’t research where they’re going needs removing from the gene pool.

  18. What is the point of prison?
    To deter, to punish, to be so bad that people don’t want to go back?
    Success. Whats the odds this woman will ever bring drugs into a country without proper paperwork again?

    From my own reading on drugs there is an element of taking own drugs into a country. Own drugs – and plenty of paperwork.

  19. I’ve read many times in the media that “she didn’t know the drug was illegal in Egypt”. and that somehow this meant those swarthy foreigners were getting it wrong somehow.

    Because of course, ignorance of the law is a ‘get out of jail free’ card in the UK. Not.

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