Ouch, that hurts

Father Leo Maidlow Davis, 63, now the senior monk at Downside Abbey, burned staff files dating back to the early 1980s in a bonfire in 2012.

However, he claimed any destruction of evidence was unintentional, saying his aim had been simply to ‘get rid of unnecessary old material’.

The fee-paying school in Radstock, Somerset, was examined as part of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA).

We never, ever, admit to being in Radstock. Nor, by preference, near it. Stratton on the Fosse, yes, perhaps Midsomer Norton, but really, Radstock?

The inquiry heard of a locked basement room at Downside, used by monks to watch personal videos. It learnt of brown envelopes containing allegations against monks that were locked in the abbot’s safe. Victims described childhood ordeals. Naked boys were taken into monks’ beds. Some were abused so often that it became routine. It was a world in which paedophiles flourished.

There’s an oddity to this. When I was there (and this is confirmed by the two I was there with I still speak to and yes, obviously, anecdata) it just wasn’t a thing. A boarding school has a pretty good gossip network and there just wasn’t any. OK, yes, smoke, fire and all that, but absolutely no smoke?

But when I’ve mentioned this before a couple of correspondents who were there later, in those 80s, say that it was happening then, at least to some extent. As best I can work out therefore something went wrong, the place soured.

BTW, I’m not sure I know of a basement in the place…..it’s the sort of thing we would have found I think.

To be honest I’m all rather mystified by it. Is it that in such an institution if a couple get in then they start the entire barrel rotting?

One Downside monk, Fr Nicholas White, was imprisoned for five years on January 3 for child sex abuse dating from the late 1980s. Two monks have received police cautions, one a former headmaster for “abuse of a vulnerable person” during the 1980s; two more have been confined to the monastery (with the approval of the appropriate authorities) for “founded” allegations about the early 1990s. Another Downside monk has received a “police warning”, and one more was subjected to a police investigation that concluded without any action being taken.

One oddity is that former headmaster. His offence was after he had ceased to be headmaster, when he was out in a parish, not at the school at all. And he was headmaster during that period that I say nothing (well, as far as I know again) was going on. As I say, it’s all rather odd.

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  1. One thing is certain is that there is absolutely no such thing as a secret in a boys’ boarding school. If it was happening, everyone would have known. Everyone knew the paedo in our school, it was common knowledge.

  2. You went to the place and nothing was going on Tim.

    So what actual evidence exists that the events Plod is congratulating himself over ever actually happened?

    The late Anna Racoon –much missed–was at the Duncroft Home in the 60s herself and was instrumental in uncovering that claims of alleged abuse by Savile there in the 60s and early 70s were bullshit as Savile never visited the place until 1974–and no credible abuse claims exist after that visit either.

    There were numbers of cod attendees who were never at Duncroft making claims. But a number of those who WERE actually there made claims that Anna Racoon knew never happened. Once a panic gets kicked off, once the Circus comes to town, there is some kind of psychological Gresham’s law at work–bad marxthink drives out honesty and truth.

    What is needed is some real investigation into what has gone on.

    The IICSA is not that investigation.

    The WIKI link of this IICSA is below.


    It is a Fish Faced Hag creation–as with Yewtree a product of her time-waste at the Home Office. It has had an “interesting” history as can be seen and even the supposed victims association disowned it. May is a CM stooge. Nothing involving her can be taken at face value in matters of supposed abuse.

    Those who do actually molest kids deserve severe punishment. But what the West is undergoing is a femmi-marxist created attempt to label as many men as paedos as possible and spread the state-control enhancing myth that lots of men are paedos and/or general sex abusers and the heavy hand of state socialistic tyranny is justified in massive interference in relations between the sexes. To achieve the Marxian goal of destroying the family and thus the West. The love and loyalty of family after all is the alternate to scummy submission to the overweening and evil state.

    We need real investigations conducted by those not part of the scummy system And no– importing some female from NZ as the IICSA did is not impartiality. The same CM bullshit infests the entire Western world.

    Money talks and Bullshit walks. To get to anything resembling the actual truth will require a lot of genuine objectivity, impartiality and painstaking work. Nothing like the bullshit peddled by officialdom so far. Including the “Independent Inquiry” for Christ’s sake

  3. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    Never know what to believe in such cases. Obviously some priests and monks are/were kiddy diddlers or predatory homosexuals, but on the other hand the media lies to us every day and I’m personally aware of at least one Catholic priest who was accused of sex crimes that never happened.

    Despite that, his name was dragged through the gutter by the press and he suffered the Kafkaesque nightmare of a lengthy police investigation while the Church basically left him to twist in the wind. The accuser eventually turned out to be a mentally ill liar, but that priest will probably never recover his confidence.

    I’m not sure what can be done that’s better, mind, but it makes me wonder how many others are being flayed alive in the court of lurid newspaper articles despite having done nothing wrong. If the authorities can muster a televised helicopter assault on a national treasure like Cliff Richard, any one of us could have his life destroyed at any time by a single false accusation from someone we never even met.

    Like yourself, I spent a lot of time around priests and brothers at a tender age, and the worst thing to happen to me was being soundly beaten at chess by a Trappist.

    Is it that in such an institution if a couple get in then they start the entire barrel rotting?

    I believe that is absolutely the case. I don’t mean to pick on the gays, but there’s definitely a risk of a gay mafia thing going on when you let homosexual men into positions of authority.

    I used to wonder why Damian Thompson stuffed the Telegraph Blogs full of young, gay, posh Catholic men, until the recent revelations about him explained that.

    If this is about gay teachers with a taste for adolescent boys, then it’s entirely possible the rot set in with a single strategically-placed hire.

  4. When I was at boarding school there was a paedo teacher from the prep school, that I didn’t go to. The kids who went to the prep school who he abused, now at the secondary school, would go to his home at lunchtime, voluntarily, to get touched up by him. Eventually he was found out, sacked and prosecuted.

    This was going on in the early 90’s while the PM’s son and daughter were at the secondary school (day kids) there; no suggestion they were abused. I think it made the media when it all came out but not as big a scandal as it would have been now.

    I won’t name the school but it shouldn’t be difficult to find out 😉

  5. @ Solid Steve 2

    NiV will be along shortly to provide ‘scientific’ evidence (probably in the form of some Leftie academic’s survey or book) that gayists aren’t paedophiles.

    Doesn’t help NiV’s argument having previously held up Pederasty as evidence that gays were tolerated in the past civilisations however.

  6. Eh? What revelations about Damian?

    Given that I was one of the not so young that he hired at Telegraph blogs….

  7. ” As best I can work out therefore something went wrong, the place soured.”

    They allowed homosexual staff in the place?

  8. I know someone who’s serving time for apparently having fiddled kiddies in his care. He’s odd, but I never suspected *that*. One of the allegation is simply that “he imposed typical 1980’s prep school punishments during the 80’s that we’d think of as dodgy today” (iirc it was something like a lap of the playing fields in underwear or something – FFS in a state primary school in the 80’s we did PE in only underwear and none of the exclusively female teachers involved have been hauled up before the beak for that).

    Plus, he’ll be serving the full 11 year sentence since he maintains his innocence and keeps trying to appeal. The UK justice system looks unfavourably on that, and for an early parole you have to admit guilt.

    If he is indeed innocent (which I suspect), I hope once he gets out he manages to clear his name and sues his accuser into penury.

  9. I too was going to mention the late, great Anna Racoon but Mr Ecks got there before me. In case folks don’t know, the site has been archived (thanks to “Grandad” of the Headrambles blog) at its original annaraccoon.com url.
    A lot of well written and excellently researched work demonstrating how the modern witch-hunt works (amongst much other interesting stuff).

  10. Radstock eh Tim?

    I went to St. Brendan’s in Bristol. Our Radstock was Brislington. Got to be local to understand the Radstock thing.

    Played rugby probably U15 and ran road races at Downside, in Radstock 🙂

  11. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots said:
    “Tim – I’m afraid your spectacles aren’t cute enough. It’s not like DT’s a Harvey Weinstein type monster, but this is pretty weird:”

    Hmm. I did a bit of work with Damian years ago and met him, but not often. I never noticed him trying anything with me, but then I’m more Tim’s age & build than Milo’s (and I don’t wear glasses).

    I thought he seemed like a typical conservative Catholic homosexual, probably non-practicing (or largely so). Gossipy and a bit catty but good company over lunch. Having met him, his choice of hires for the Telegraph blogs made more sense.

    But the glasses fetish thing is a new one to me – I’ve obviously had far too sheltered an upbringing.

  12. “I think the excellent AndrewC predicted this would happen”: as did many of us. It’s perhaps the best argument for gay marriage. We should, for the same reason, allow sibling marriages.

  13. “NiV will be along shortly to provide ‘scientific’ evidence (probably in the form of some Leftie academic’s survey or book) that gayists aren’t paedophiles.

    Doesn’t help NiV’s argument having previously held up Pederasty as evidence that gays were tolerated in the past civilisations however.”

    Well since you asked….


    Among the male of the human species ephebophilia is perhaps the natural state.

    Some gay men are, some are not. Some straight men are, some are not. Mohammad was heterosexual, male, deeply religious, and definitely didn’t like gays. But hebephilia and even paedophilia were common in the Islamic ‘civilisation’ he set up. (Not to mention those underage Yazidi girl sex slaves in modern-day ISIS.) Precisely what does that tell you about heterosexual men?

    I’d like to make clear, I wouldn’t have commented on this if I hadn’t been invited to. So you needn’t direct your complaints to me! 🙂

  14. That’s assuming that M was a name rather than a title. And assuming that the standard tales told about him (if he was a singular him) are true. Both of which could well be true for all anyone knows.

  15. @Tim Newman, December 17, 2017 at 11:54 am

    One thing is certain is that there is absolutely no such thing as a secret in a boys’ boarding school. If it was happening, everyone would have known. Everyone knew the paedo in our school, it was common knowledge.

    +1 We had one, RE Teacher, everyone knew never to be alone with him. Same applied to Joke Shop (stink bombs – yeah) owner on High Street.

    @Tim W,

    “Never admit…” What about Chew Magna & Frome?

  16. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I never even worked out who the gay pupils were in my year at public school (statistically it would be very odd if there were none) and as far as I know none of the masters were doing anything dodgy. I suppose I didn’t have a particularly sophisticated gaydar back then, but still. There was one master at prep school who disappeared rather abruptly, and we all sort of knew why in our poorly-formed little minds, although again as far as I know if proclivities were there they were unconsummated.

    There may have been a vein of pederasty running through the British private school system of yore but the idea that it was in any way institutionalised is, I am convinced, utter rubbish.

  17. Back in the old days, no sign that any of the masters were gay but maybe 0.5%, probably less (just possibly more – see below, but no evidence thereof) of the pupils. We had one boy expelled for homosexuality but most of us reckoned it was his “victim” who was queer not the alleged perpetrator and we thought one other boy would have been if he got the chance.
    Among the hundreds of friends I acquired later there were two were, by nature, gay but chose to be celibate for religious reasons and two who were practising gays.
    I really find it difficult to believe the claims about the %age of “GAY”s in the population.

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