Perhaps the whole picture is important?

Of the 113 women killed by men in England, Wales and Northern Ireland last year, 85 died in their homes, according to the Femicide Census, an annual analysis by the charity Women’s Aid.

How many men were killed in the same time period?

More, perhaps? And why isn’t this an issue of equal or greater importance?

13 thoughts on “Perhaps the whole picture is important?”

  1. I hope the statistics are kept. Our friends across the pond do and the figures will surprise a lot of people. I once came across a metastudy of domestic violence and the cases (physical violence, not psychological which is whole different game) were split about 60/40.

    A lawyer friend once remarked that the local police told him that here they get a number of overdose deaths among dependent old men but they don’t investigate.

    Only hearsay 🙂

  2. The point presumably is that one has to feel sorry for the 28 women who were put to the inconvenience of going out.

  3. I remember a female MP reading out a list of names of women killed by men that year. For some reason women killed by women weren’t worth mentioning, let alone men killed by anyone.

    Anyway, in the weeks and months that followed there seemed to be a constant stream of embarrassing stories about women being killed by women. Did she even notice? If they fail the “Who? Whom?” test, are they even real?

  4. No one should die in their own home. Nor “on what should have been the happiest day of the year,” such as a birthday. Surely statistics on this are available, for an even stronger tug on the heartstrings.

  5. Only in modern times do people not normally die at home. Or give birth, or suffer diseases.
    Post-Christmas is a high point for deaths. The old folks hang on for one more New Year.

  6. Rough numbers for England and Wales over the past couple of decades have been in the range 80-100 women killed by men who were their partners or former partners each year and 35-50 men killed by women who were their partners or former partners.

    So the ratio is around 2:1 although you could be forgiven for thinking it’s 500:1

    And of course this could cover (in both cases) everything from a sustained and cruel barrage of physical abuse over years which culminates in a murder right through to coming home and finding the other half in bed with someone else, blowing a fuse and committing the only physical act of violence in the entire relationship.

    But the media and government aren’t interested.

    Every killing by a man is by an evil man and when a woman kills, they wonder what drove them to it (probably an evil man).

    Most men are much stronger than most women. If ‘evil man’ was the norm, there would be thousands or tens of thousands of women being killed by their partners. The fact that there are so few is a sign of reality.

    Meanwhile “one murdered woman is too many” but if a few dozen men are murdered we’ll mention it at the end of the report for ‘balance’.

  7. @ Andrew C
    One murdered woman *is* one too many.
    So is one murdered man but do not let the feminists think that we do not care by putting in quote marks.

  8. @John77

    The quote marks were used because it is an oft repeated quote used by the feminists.

    I would prefer it if they said “one murdered person is too many”.

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