Polly is nostalgic for this

For some visitors the London exhibition will be nostalgic. There is a recreation of a chilly 70s front room with depressing news reports on the telly, candles for when the lights go out, a copy of Look-In, and a Peters and Lee record that someone hasn’t put back in its sleeve.

After all, the mid-70s is when we were most equal…..

28 thoughts on “Polly is nostalgic for this”

  1. Those where the days when Polly could fly to Italy and not have the airport clogged up with loud, smelly working class people flaunting their money at her.

  2. What’s interesting about the actual article is how Björn (who was living in Socialist Sweden) had no idea that Socialist Britain was so gloomy!
    It’s colder,darker and more naturally gloomy in Sweden yet even then they still made a better stab of life than us!

  3. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    I’ve been watching Fanny Craddock from 1975 on the BBC Red Button all this week. It is quite astonishing to see, inches thick make up, elaborate dresses and the old style of stove that we used o have with a proper eye-level grill. Her contempt for the present ( ie Wilson ) government is not far below the surface as she often alludes to the terrible state of the country and her constant mentioning of “housewives” – are there such things today, or have the feminazis had them all executed ?

    50p for her cookery book available from the BBC.

  4. Bjorn is yet another person who thinks that the EU is Europe, rather than a bunch of incompetent bureaucrats who want to control people

  5. I seem to remember a Holland Park Comp alumini who was screwing her way round the W11/W2 postcodes in her afghan, early 70s. Easy to understand how a gal could be nostalgic for those times.

  6. We still have an eye level grill as part of the cooker.
    I do the grilling on it as its above wife’s eye level and she cannot see the food cooking on it.

    A mere 18 year old cooker. Another few decades left in it yet.

  7. Things that were better in the 70s:

    My Dad was alive.
    I had no greater responsibility than picking up my Lego.
    Er… that’s it.

  8. Not to put Ulvaeus on a par with Toynbee or other such monstrously ignorant people but he is aware Sweden stayed out of the EU until the 90s, right?

  9. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    I blew up a toaster by cooking potato waffles in it, because I couldn’t be arsed to bend down to watch the grill in my new oven.

  10. Ah yes, the eye-level grill. A major breakthrough of its day, allowing the fat to spit in your eye without you having to go to the trouble of bending down.

  11. Candles for when the lights go out?

    I wonder whether Polly remembers why the lights kept going out in the seventies?

  12. @ Andrew Duffin
    I bought a *BIG* torch, with four batteries, intended for use to change tyres in the dark so that I could finish whatever I was doing when the office lights went out. Useful at home too.

  13. Weren’t we most equal before some damned caveman figured out that if you sharpened a stick, or worse yet, chipped out a spear head, that you could kill bigger mammoths, chase sabre toothed tigers out of their lairs and get bigger caves, and have time to decorate with nicer paintings? We’ve been struggling with inequality ever since. Shame when that first ancestral ape climbed down from a tree that some lion didn’t nip this in the bud.

  14. Candles for when the lights go out?

    I wonder whether Polly remembers why the lights kept going out in the seventies?

    Lack of wind turbines. Obviously.

  15. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I was just talking about this with my mother the other day. I was five when Heath asked who ran Britain and the answer came, “not you, you fat cunt.” I thought it was a great adventure to eat dinner by the light of a Tilley lamp. My parents were not as impressed.The ridiculous adolescent twats who think that that Maoist shitbag Corbyn is the way ahead should be forced to give up their TV and Internet and phones for a couple of weeks to show them what’s what. Oh, and pubs shut in the afternoon and at 10 o’clock sharp. You can still, possibly, go abroad on holiday, but you’ve fifty quid to spend and that’s it.

    Fuck Polly Toynbee.

  16. We had several weeks at primary school where attendance was voluntary due to the fuel oil delivery being on strike, and those that turned up wrapped snugly in many layers were all taught “miscellaneous interesting stuff” together in one class.

  17. @Martin, December 14, 2017 at 12:54 pm

    …A mere 18 year old cooker. Another few decades left in it yet.

    For sure. Our cooker is 33

  18. You can buy a brand new gas cooker with eye level grill if you really want one, but why would you?

    500mm Gas Cooker with Eye Level Grill in Black

    As for the 3-day week and other activities, for us kids it was rather fun, we just piled into the Thomson Glen caravan in the drive and read books and comics by gas lamp while mom cooked dinner on the gas stove.

    No doubt we were luckier than most (although not luckier than Polly Filler obviously), I’d have hated to be stuck in one of those all electric council tower blocks, watching as the lights went out and your cozy little dwelling slowly turned into an ice box.

    Heath was right in a way, if your government can’t even keep the lights on, what good are you to man nor beast?

  19. @Tim Newman, December 15, 2017 at 9:32 am

    and the old style of stove that we used o have with a proper eye-level grill

    Gawd yes. What the hell was he point of that?!

    It was copying what chefs have in business kitchens where they’re mostly not used as grills are in domestic kitchens.

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