Some, you need to use “some” here

‘Sacrificed on the altar of trade’: Britons in Europe feel betrayed by Brexit deal
British nationals settled in Europe say they are used as ‘bargaining chips’, and that Theresa May and Jean-Claude Juncker’s deal does not guarantee their rights

I am a British national in Europe and I’m not feeling betrayed nor unprotected.

That is, there’s a “some” missing in this reporting.

9 thoughts on “Some, you need to use “some” here”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    I’m guessing that some, where some is a large number, are also there earning money at the very same alter of trade.

    As i’ve pointed out before, people were moving to and from “europe” to earn money or retire to the sun well before the single market was even thought about.

  2. I’m negotiating with one of my German customers for some new work in Q1 next year, exchange rate in my favour. Carry on bargaining.

  3. I don’t understand the logic. Please guardian can you write an article which actually explains what the headline is about.
    Bargaining chips. Um the neither EU nor UK are proposing an expat exchange. But ok i suppose, if some metaphorical leeway is allowed what is being said is if you do xyz then your citizens in our union can do abc and vice versa. And given the numbers are 1M brit expats to 3m EU ones then it’s not quite an even exchange of rights, but what’s this about altar of trade?.. The stuff that makes nations wealthy? Here’s 1M expat rights to retire to the south of france can we exchange that for lower automotive tariffs please? Huh? That’s not what’s really being said surely?

  4. I’m a British national living in Europe & I definitely feel betrayed by the UK government. Why do you think I left?

  5. I’m “in Europe” unless the facts of geography have changed. If they mean ‘the EU’ that should effing say ‘the EU’.

  6. Theresa May tried to deal on mutual recognition of citizens’ rights between the UK and EU countries but Juncker blocked it. So I *do* think they are being used as bargaiing chips – by Juncker!

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