That’s a long time for a missile to be in flight, isn’t it?

Boris Johnson warns Kim Jong-un’s North Korean nukes could be powerful enough to reach Britain within just six months

22 thoughts on “That’s a long time for a missile to be in flight, isn’t it?”

  1. It’s an environmentally-freindly delivery system. A balloon delivery vehicle uses upper atmospheric currents to carry a bucket of sunshine round the globe, then POW!

  2. Well yes. And provoke one of the few nations capable of delivering a retaliatory strike would turn N.Korea into one big crater.
    For what reason? His chosen favourite didn’t win X-Factor?
    If he can target the UK he can target Uncle Sam on his home turf in the west of the USA. He still ends up ruling a big crater but at least he’s got something to gloat over for the last 10 minutes of his existence.
    Sorry Boris, but Brenda’s miserable little Realm isn’t worth the candle.

  3. Oh, and of course, orbital mechanics. A partial orbit lob’s much easier to achieve with an easterly trajectory..

  4. I may be immature but I cannot think about the North Korean threat without conjuring images of Team America.

    “Hans Bwix? Oh no!”

  5. Sounds about right for the 40’x8’x8′ delivery system coming from NK. Not sure he gets playing deniability out of it though.

  6. Not very charitable Jonathon.

    Lots of history and historic sights there.

    And there must be a few hundred thousand Londoners who are decent folk. Not imported rapey replacements or well-off, MC/CM, Bubblers and ReMainiacs.

  7. Have you seen where they’ve labelled Pyongyang on the map on that article? In south China, roughly where Hong Kong is.

    It’s a wonder sometimes that Mail journalists remember to breathe.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    Much as we Brits like to feel important on the global stage, we really aren’t the target of their nukes, and nor is the USA in the direct sense.

    In their thinking NK’s nukes that can hit the USA take the USA out of the game in NK’s strategic aim of unification of the peninsula under their regime. Their calculation is that the USA wouldn’t get involved if /when they invade the South if the USA knows they could be nuked.

    This might have worked with some Presidents, Hi Obama, but they must be wondering about Trump.

    The question is whether or not China would see a united Korea under the North and a humiliated USA as a good outcome for their long term strategy. Lets hope they don’t.

  9. @Tim Newman, December 16, 2017 at 1:34 pm

    War in the spring. Chinese agree to partition the north with the US. You read it here first.

    More or less what I’ve been saying, maybe some Russian involvement too. China & Russia don’t want a border with South Korea/USA and vice versa. I think DMZ will remain.

  10. It comes by sea in parcel post.

    If a nuclear device is ever used again in anger, much the most likely delivery vehicle is a shipping container.

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