That’s the thing about boar hunting

Police in Germany say a hunter has died after being attacked by a wild boar he was trying to shoot.

The 50-year-old man was on a boar hunt with a dozen others near the north-eastern town of Greifswald on Sunday when he was attacked by the male boar.

Sometimes the boar wins.

30 thoughts on “That’s the thing about boar hunting”

  1. In France or Italy you’re more likely to be shot by one of the other hunters, the day’s activities starting off with a few drinks.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    I think most people see the essential justice of that.

    Although I think that there ought to be laws to make it even fairer. Perhaps you should only be allowed to hunt them with spears?

  3. “Experts say that is not enough to stop the population from growing.”

    Sometimes the boar wins.
    …but usually the bore wins…
    but not before she bore twins

  4. Incidentally, there’s gobsmacking footage on YouTube of a hunter on a boar drive wearing ear defenders, for ‘H&S’.

    Makes him almost oblivious to the shouts of his fellow hunters that a boar is charging him, unseen…

  5. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    Wild boar are turning into a real plague in Germany. One has to be a licensed hunter in order to have a crack at them. They have invaded Berlin’s suburbs, whole platoons of the blighters dig up gardens, cemetaries and the grass verges. They are also a nuisance on the motorways as they hang around the verges by hard shoulders. And needless to say the males can be really big bastards, you hit one of them in your Dacia you’ll know about it.

    The police have entered the fray on a few occasions, when the mobs have become too big, but using sub-machine guns on the boar is not an optimal solution.

  6. “using sub-machine guns on the boar is not an optimal solution”: quite. Do Browning still make a 0.5″ machine gun?

  7. The police have entered the fray on a few occasions, when the mobs have become too big, but using sub-machine guns on the boar is not an optimal solution.

    Speak for yourself, sounds great fun to me. Doing a South Central driveby on a bunch of wild porkers!

  8. Just read in my home town newspaper that a prominent fox huntress died in an accident, “boots on, in the saddle, chasing the hounds.”

    Sometimes the fox wins.

  9. ‘Although I think that there ought to be laws to make it even fairer.’

    Why? Do you think your butcher shouldn’t have the odds in his favor?

  10. Gamecock,

    Butchers don’t go into work expecting risk from the dead animals attacking them. Hunters go into the woods expecting risk from the animals, so not a good comparison.

    And because baby boars are so cute, all right-minded people will support the right of their adult kin to kill inconvenient humans (yes, I’m channeling David Attenborough today).

  11. Indeed, just make sure that if you hunt boar with a spear, you use a winged spear (with a crossbar below the tip). Otherwise it’s likely to just drive the spear through itself and kill you as well before it dies.

    Tough buggers boars.

  12. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    From what I can tell, the rozzers use the Heckler and Koch MP5 9mm “Maschinenpistolen” which was the weapon of choice by the SAS amongst many others. They are receiving a whole batch of new pistols, bullet proof vests and machine guns for Christmas. Makes a change from socks I suppose.

    Of course the warning always is “if you shoot him you’ll just make him mad.”

  13. Do Browning still make a 0.5″ machine gun?

    Pedantry alert – Browning (as in the company) never made a single one.

    Designed by JM Browning, but the company that bears his name was never involved in mfg.

    I’m here all week. Try the fish…..

  14. “Tough buggers boars.”
    Which is why, when hunting pig, one carries a spear. They can soak up a lot of fire, can a pig.

  15. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Feral pigs are vermin and should be treated as such. And none of this idiotic shooting them with pistol rounds. Minimum calibre for hunting the boars should be .300 Weatherby Magnum or .300 Remington Ultra Mag, with .375 H&H Magnum for preference, so that even a peripheral wound will be eventually fatal. Concentrating on the sows and piglets would be the most efficient way to knock their numbers down (kill a nursing sow and the piglets starve). Once you’ve reducued the population by, say, 90% you can think about using them as a meat source but until then the most important thing is the cull.

  16. Bloke no Longer in Austria


    the problem is, once you’ve given them the old
    “this is a 375 magnum, the most pwerful handgun in the world and can blow your head clean off. Do you feel lucky, punk ?”

    they’ve all legged it.

  17. If boars are as nasty as warthogs, I wouldn’t be hunting them except from the safety of the back of a pickup like I did on a mate’s game farm in South Africa (used a Mauser 7.62 if anyone is interested).

    Those bastards can’t half shift when disturbed. Great on the BBQ afterwards though.

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