There’s a great truth here

Asked in later life if she was aware of the mesmerising power of her beauty as a 19-year-old, Keeler answered: “I don’t think young girls know they’re beautiful. Although I must admit there wasn’t much I couldn’t get or do if I wanted to then. I was a shy girl. I had rosy cheeks. I hated them. I blushed easily.”

Female beauty certainly eases the path through life. And it comes as something of a shock to many who were that this effect fades.

It explains a certain amount of the modern world that this is so…..

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  1. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    “I don’t think young girls know they’re beautiful”

    Maybe in the olden days, I don’t think 19 year old girls are unaware of their attractiveness in the age of selfies.

  2. The women who I find fascinating, as a man pushing 60, is those who go the opposite way to normal – is those who I think (objectively I hope) are more physically attractive when older than when they were young and who have not had (obvious) work done.

    I’ll throw an example out there for discussion:

    Liz Hurley

  3. A naïve viewpoint. Perhaps not all–but most have a very shrewd idea of their assets . And are not unwilling to capitalise on them. Not necessarily in a crude or dumb reality-TV fashion.

    But capitalise none the less.

  4. I’d echo SS2 there. Anyone who’s got themselves on the whatsap contact list of a few women will be aware of the sheer volume of self aggrandising selfies they pump out with monotonous regularity. Some indeed bring light to dim days. Many look like appeals from Dog Rescue.

  5. There’s a great line in The Godfather (the book) where Michael, sent away to Siciliy, falls for a girl called Apollonia. She’s so beautiful that when he sees her it is as though he is struck by a thunderbolt. Has happened to me three times – the first time I was sixteen, and she and it were exactly as I had imagined from Puzo’s writing. Twice I got the girl, and I can confirm that they had no idea what effect they had had on me or were having on boys/men generally. I think this is true of a lot of normal, well-brought up women. Orange trollops may be different.

    (The third time, in a bar in a French ski resort, I could only gape at her.)

  6. I think it’s probably true that most young woman and teenage girls can’t conceptualise the effect *just looking at them* can have on men, and even less so on older men (who are probably pretty much off their radar).

  7. Steve,
    Modern girls are very much aware of their attractiveness – but not so much aware of the power it grants them over men.

  8. @Recusant

    As plastic surgery work goes, one would have to say Hurley’s was money very well spent. I wish to Jaysus some of the 52 year old women I know looked remotely like her.

  9. @BraveFart, December 6, 2017 at 12:37 pm

    I’ll throw an example out there for discussion:

    Liz Hurley

    Oh yes, she is always welcome in my bed.

    PS @Recusant, I can overlook that nip-n-tuck.

  10. @Recusant

    I’ve looked at Liz Hurley before/after pic. Other than make-up I can’t see any difference – nose, mouth, cheeks, eyes look same

  11. Also, attractiveness can be very much a woman to woman thing – women are very aware of how other women perceive them and many women are concerned with how they rank to other women.

    My sister, when in her teens, was fairly attractive, but she had little idea of how she affected men. A sixteen year old lad once cycled from Kidderminster to West Bromwich to ‘court’ her – he really needn’t have bothered, she simply had no ken of what he was experiencing ( and even less interest in being ‘courted’).

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