Things not to worry about very much

What this study finds: In 2015 and 2016, a total of $2 billion in stolen wages ($880.3 million in 2015; $1.1 billion in 2016) were recovered for workers by the U.S. Department of Labor ($246.8 million in 2015; $266.6 million in 2016); by state departments of labor and attorneys general in 39 states ($170.0 million in 2015; $147.5 million in 2016); and through class action settlements ($463.6 million in 2015; $695.5 million in 2016). These represent wages stolen by employers who, for example, refuse to pay promised wages, pay employees for only some of the hours worked, or fail to pay overtime premiums when employees work more than 40 hours in a week.

Hmm, OK, very bad, shouldn’t happen, ain’t it great we’ve got people to deal with this.

Except, of course. US economy is some $18 trillion or so. Labour share is 60%, around and about. Compensation to workers therefore is some, eh, $11 trillion. A year. So, $1 billion of that is 0.01% a year or so.

Sure, shouldn’t happen but not one of the world’s great problems.

BTW, wonder what the budget of the wage enforcement office of the US Dept of Labor is (looking it up, $280 million)? More or less than this? And, further, add in all the State departments of such. All of those costs coming out of the income of someone or other….

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  1. Also I wonder how much of it is not paying contractual wages, and how much of it is non-compliance with some sort of government-mandated or government-defined pay?

  2. Payroll disputes . . . the company is stealing from workers.

    The U.S. Department of Labor will arbitrate. Not the U.S. Department of Business.

  3. To include class-action suits, count lawyer fees used to achieve the return of “stolen” wages (generally, about one-third the settlement).

    Tim, counting the benefits of coerced action and ignoring/minimizing/disparaging the costs is a rite of passage of American government. And if the benefits are too slim, it calls for additional funding.

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