This is a fair old bit of idiocy

Increasing numbers of fast food take­aways are springing up close to schools in England, with pupils in the most socially deprived areas exposed to five times as many outlets as their richest peers.

So, where do you put schools? In areas of decent enough population density.

Where do you put shops? In areas of decent enough population density.

You would also prefer to have both in those areas of high population density where the land is a bit cheaper. The “deprived” areas.

Thus this finding is like discovering that the water companies put the sewage pipes in where people live.

20 thoughts on “This is a fair old bit of idiocy”

  1. Some fast food is good nosh, fsh’n’chps being the obvious example. Or a sardine wrap: delish and nourishing.

  2. Fast food is considerably more expensive than making sandwiches, but the “deprived“ kids tend to come from one parent families where the one parent is drunk, or lazy, or both (no-one is too stupid to make sandwiches).

  3. Also, don’t they all get free school meals? I must confess I don’t know the answer to that, or care much.

  4. When I was a lad, we went onto the school premises before 9am and didn’t get out until 4.30pm (2.30pm after all the 80s teachers’ strikes zapped the 2 hour lunch break).

    How do today’s kids get out during the school day to gorge on McD’s at lunch?

  5. @ Noel Scoper

    They don’t. Journalists are like whores – they are paid for their time. This dross will earn them enough for the next extra-hot-hazelnut-skinny-latte.

    Probably some of the really rabid ones believe what they write (and think it’ll change the world) but the rest just pretend and take the coin.

  6. Noel,
    Presumably they’re snacking after school, rather than during the lunch break.

    Also, it might look like a group of ten kids are all ordering food; but in practice one kid with a bit of money orders a big portion of chips and his nine mates hover around like pigeons.

  7. Upper middle class white people deciding what people are permitted to eat in areas with large ethnic minority populations. Fairly racist, yes (by the standards of the Left, where correlation implies malicious intent).

  8. What. Interested. Said. In spades!

    This – the reliance on ‘cheap’ fast food – is why they are poor*, as well.

    *poor in the modern sense

  9. Andrew M: “Noel,
    Presumably they’re snacking after school, rather than during the lunch break.”

    Yup! My commute home is redolent of the smell of chips & fried chicken, courtesy of the local school. The ghastly little oiks then litter the train carriage with the cartons & wrappings, too.

  10. So if there are that many fast food places then there is demand for them. Businesses meeting demand. Is that a bad thing?

  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    I’m guessing those middle class favourites or Pret, Itsiu (my favourite) and Eat aren’t classed as fast food takeaways.

  12. BiND, ‘course not. Its places like wot where the proles eat that are the targets here – Greggs, KFC, McDonalds, Dominos, chippies and kebab shops.

  13. Fast food… do they mean burgers and chips?

    Protein, vitamins, fat, minerals and carbohydrates – what children need to promote brain and other tissue development and provide mental and muscular energy.

    And it may be the only meal ‘socially deprived’ children get each day.

  14. Make school food better if you want kids to eat it.

    The admin makes what they think the kids should eat; the kids eat what they want to eat when given a choice.

  15. Will the Guardian be sneaking Felicity Lawrence in to find out how many kids whose families are on public assistance miraculously find money to buy food across the street?

  16. “How do today’s kids get out during the school day to gorge on McD’s at lunch” – rather suppose its less McD and more dixieland fried chicken or pizza-a-go-go or kebab-4-u.

    My fave has to be Chickpizz (stoke newington) – they do both fried chicken and pizza – ( ).

    There are in fact some very good Turkish eateries in Stoke Newington, but funnily enough Chickpizz is not one of them.

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