Those analytic abilities of Teh Wimmin then

‘If there’s no water, what’s the point?’ Female farmers in Arizona

Well, yes. Why not farm in some other place then?

16 thoughts on “Those analytic abilities of Teh Wimmin then”

  1. She’s farming in Arizona because the land is cheap enough that she can afford it. You can’t get less-than-prime, let alone prime, farmland in places like Ohio, Wisconsin and Iowa for the price of Arizona desert. So, this isn’t about the challenges of bimbos in farming, it’s about the challenges of starting a business when you’re severely under-capitalized.

    Kind of like trying to start a long haul freight business with just enough funds to buy a used, high mileage Volkswagen Golf.

  2. “I’m confused. Are we supposed to send her money or water?”

    Just send the Guardian a bucket of piss and let them sort it out.

  3. Evidently, being a “female farmer in Arizona” is not a personal decision, nor a result of past personal decisions; it is a victim class entitling the member to tell her story. Just like being a “single mother” or “opioid addict.”

    The problem is that, like military veterans and border-jumpers, we don’t seem to be able to decide public policy without first trying to agree on a single stereotype for the group.

  4. @ Spike
    One of the two ladies featured was a “female farmer” (except that she ran an abattoir instead of farming) simply because she was widowed, which was not a personal decision.
    But one might ask why don’t farmers in the Arizona desert farm solar panels instead of alfalfa since they *know* that they are exhausting the subterranean water supply?

  5. We were on assignment for a story and chasing a statistic: according to the most recent US census, Arizona is the state with the highest proportion of female farm operators.

    Hmm, this tells me men don’t believe a farm in Arizona will feed his family, sensible decision. Women displaying why they are inferior to men.

    What does make money in Arizona are car, plane etc storage & parts sales.

  6. @ john77
    Regarding the female farmer who “ran an abattoir instead of farming” – Wonder how many other female farmers are not farming. Yes, being a widow is usually not a personal decision, but being featured as a female farmer is. Regarding Mexican border-jumpers being “Dreamers,” all we need to do is find one illegal who can’t remember ever dreaming and the game is up.

    On farming alfalfa, it is worse in the California desert, where there is a lot of rice farming. (Not sure what proportion is done by females.) In California, it is a consequence of setting the price of water wrong.

  7. @ Spike
    The personal decision to feature Mrs Geerdes as a “female farmer” was taken by Ms Weingarten.
    This, like my previous comment, is pendantic rather than contesting you main argument. Female journalist looking for a story is in too much of a hurry to find a second female farmer so relabels friend of first.

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