Very rare, very rare indeed

An escort who ‘wickedly’ accused an innocent police detective of raping her has been jailed for two years and three months.
Halina Khan’s false claim caused suffering and distress to the Leicestershire officer, whom she had never met.

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  1. I hope the policeman was arrested anyway, will have to declare the arrest on all visa applications, and his fingerprints and DNA taken and held in perpetuity. Or doesn’t he think the process should be the punishment after all?

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    The detective was at home with his wife and son when officers went to his home at night to inform him of the complaint against him.

    He attended a police station outside the Leicestershire force area to be interviewed by other officers and to give samples for analysis.

    The allegation caused immense strain in his marriage and he was off work sick for six months with depression and anxiety.

    In a victim impact statement, the police officer said he was ‘completely stunned’ by the allegation and his ‘world fell apart’.

    He said it was ‘touch and go’ at one stage if he would return to work, and it affected his relationship with his employers.

    The man added: ‘I can’t explain why it affected me as it did. ‘If I hadn’t been able to prove my innocence, I’d have lost my liberty.’

    So not the brightest spark. But he presumably realises that the process is the punishment now.

    What is interesting in all this is the presence of one White police officer who was racially abused by the accused. All the others are resident in Britain, perhaps holding passports but not British. Although we don’t know about the accused.

  3. “Halina Khan’s false claims almost cost officer constable his marriage and career.”


    ” high court judge Mrs Justice Cheema-Grubb”


    “Almas Ben-Aribia, prosecuting,”


    “While being restrained, she hurled racist abuse at a Sikh woman officer and a white male officer.”

    also this:

    “her barrister, Dharmendra Toor,”

    We’re still in England, right??

    “She had a drink problem and consumed ‘at least one bottle of vodka’ before making the false rape claim,”

    Pretty sure that’s haram.

  4. There was a national pig magazine, most pigs are too stupid to see the effects of the law until it happens to one of theirs, how can this be gotten in front of the sty?

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