We are descending into lunacy

Harry Redknapp ‘will make 30 people homeless’ with flats plan

Fer fuck’s sake.

Plans by the football manager Harry Redknapp to demolish a former hotel and replace it with “posh” apartments would result in 30 people being made homeless, including several with disabilities, cancer sufferers, ex-offenders and other vulnerable individuals, according to opponents to the scheme.

Clifford Henley, one of the residents, claimed Redknapp – who was sacked by Birmingham City in September – stood to make a fortune from the 21 flats and three mews houses, adding: “To be chucking 30 blokes on the streets with no consideration whatsoever – it’s brutal.”

Henley claimed the proposals would mean “the destruction of this perfectly habitable building for massive profit … It’s just walking over poor people”. But a spokesman for Redknapp’s company defended the scheme, saying the planned development of one- and two-bedroom properties “is not ‘posh’”, with prices ranging between £160,000 and £300,000, and was open to buyers using the government’s help-to-buy scheme.

So, how many people live in 2 bed flats these days? 3? Two and a kiddie? One beds? Two adults?

So, housing for some 50 people is going up, housing for 30 coming down. This is a net addition or subtraction from the housing stock?

Don’t forget, if we can;t ever knock down old housing then we cannot regenerate the UK’s housing stock (and thus make it energy efficient and all that), have any urban regeneration of whatever and are left only with building upon greenfield sites.


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  1. From The Guardian:

    In shock news, the spinning jenny has been introduced to a mill in Manchester. The workers (many of whom are poor, disabled and otherwise vulnerable) are now expected to run eight or more spools at once.

    Fred Fuckwit, the local trades union convener, denounced this as the fault of the Wig government:

    “They are trying to modernise the work force and make them richer overall. We are determined this should not happen. We were much better off when everyone work the land for the local Lord and the back breaking work gave little time to listen to anything other than the crap we told them.”

  2. The Guardian is slipping, though it went for massive profit, posh, homeless, vulnerable and the poor, it failed to work in that Redknapp was charged with tax evasion.

  3. It must be a terrible thing to be suffering from cancer all alone in the world and having to lodge in a shitty run-down hotel.

    Presumably at taxpayer’s expense as who would go there voluntarily?

    So equally likely the 30 odd will be re-housed somewhere else. Also likely at taxpayer’s expense. But that hardly shows what an uncaring society we live in. Likely the taxes Mr Redknapp hasn’t evaded ( and good luck to him with future govt defunding plans) will pay towards new and better conditions for those presently trapped in the cheap hotel.

  4. The Borough Council has a statutory obligation to rehouse those made homeless other than by their own fault. So they should only be homeless for one day (and no nights).

  5. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Does he own the land and the buildings on it, hmm? Oh, he does. Then fuck off with your sob stories you sponging cunt.

  6. Here in NYC, youre supposed to knock down a 4 story walkup tenement, (max eight 1-bedroom apartments) put up a 12 story apartment building, and “reserve” 20 pct of the apartments for low income folks at below market rents.
    … Then US House of Representatives member Charlie Rangel rents his 6th simultaneous below market rate apartment, and magically sub-lets it (for untraceable cash! ) at market rates.
    … the understanding that Charlie would rent a below market rate apartment being how you got zonal approval to put up the building in the first place.

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