Well, of course

Being a sex worker does not disqualify you from having a private life, a judge has said, as he granted an injunction to an escort who has been harassed online.

Being a sex worker is entirely legal. Therefore and thus being a sex worker does not deprive you of any legal right enjoyed by any other.

Shirley this is obvious?

6 thoughts on “Well, of course”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Being a soldier is entirely legal. But it comes with the loss of several rights. In the good old days it came with the loss of a lot more. Pretty much all of them in fact.

    The problem is what do they mean by a “private life”? This looks like a newly invented “right” imposed on the rest of us by the European Courts designed to give lawyers access to vast oceans of legal aid money and little else. After all, most of the claims here seem covered by libel laws and so don’t need any newly discovered rights. But lawyers have got to generate the green so they can afford private school fees and so on.

  2. Bit difficult that one, Tim. A lot of working girls market the goods with a fictionalised version of their private lives. To give the illusion that it’s not goods being sold. There are, I’m told, people who believe them.

  3. On the subject of prostitutes, anyone (NiV?) have UK figures for what percentage are:
    Washing machine fetishists Rent boys

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