Well, this is waking up even if not woke

This “externalisation” of the far right was at its height during the 2016 presidential campaign, in which Trump was portrayed as a political anomaly who had hijacked the Republican party. Conservatives and mainstream Republicans argued that he didn’t really represent what was at heart a moderate conservative party. They found much support among liberals, most notably Hillary Clinton, who focused much of her campaign on “moderate Republicans”.

However, for years surveys have shown that strong authoritarian, nativist and populist positions command pluralities, if not majorities, among Republican supporters. Positions on crime, immigration and Islam have hardened rather than weakened, while conspiracy theories that were at the fringes of the militia movement in the 1990s are now widespread.

Baby steps now, baby steps. But we do at least seem to have an admission that some large portion (a plurality of those who vote perhaps, this time at least) aren’t signed on to the Progressive ideal of America. At which point an interesting thought. Will that commitment* to democracy mean the vision changes? Or will the proles be told to shut up and get on with it?

*to ask this is to answer it really, isn’t it?

10 thoughts on “Well, this is waking up even if not woke”

  1. As Stalin said, the people are largely ‘politically illiterate.’

    The problem is with us rather than with the Left which seeks to enslave us and live off of our backs.

  2. Will that commitment* to democracy mean the vision changes?

    The answer depends on which country you are looking at because there is unlikely to be uniformity. The UK and US will continue recognisably as democracies, the EU’s member states probably not.

    Countries under the EU’s aegis are increasingly under the control of Brussels and the notion of democracy will come to have the same illusory weight as in the “German Democratic Republic”.

    Poland is currently a milestone along the road to the total eclipse of popular votes by a remote and unaccountable establishment. The days of democratic sleight of hand and repeat referendums are past and edicts handed down from the centre are the new rule.

  3. Leftists are still upset that they didn’t get the result they were promised by the Establishment i.e the victory of an anti-American candidate (Clinton) over a pro-American candidate (Trump).

  4. As this is the Graudian it’s more likely a case of accidentally stumbling across a tidbit of truth than actually having properly considered what has happened and coming to a factual realisation.

  5. “while conspiracy theories that were at the fringes of the militia movement in the 1990s are now widespread”: if one doesn’t suspect that They have lied, and are lying, about the Las Vegas shooting and the Boston bombing, one must have a mind shorn of curiosity. It would be as daft as believing in the Nativity.

    I can however announce that the chances that men didn’t walk on the moon are about the same as the chances of Global Warming dogma being true.

  6. Note how the media suddenly and completely lost interest in the Las Vegas shooter after relatively few days…..

    Which speaks to a narrative-busting angry lefty motive.

    Had it been a Trump supporter, “alt-righter” or whatever we’d know everything about him right down to how many stitches to the inch were holding his knicker elastic in and exactly why it matters.

  7. @ dearieme
    Global Warmng is true – London had fairs on the ice of the Thames about 500 years ago.
    How much of it is due to humans is debatable but I beg you not to sink into lefty lying about it.

  8. John, yes indeed – the period is known as the “little ice age”.

    It’s also strangely absent from all the hockey-stick charts. Can’t think why!

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