Well, yes, I suppose so

It’s hard for women to keep track of which specific body part is currently being shamed to death, when it seems to be open season on all of them. But even by the demented standards of female self-flagellation, the emergence of “arm vagina” – aka the slight fold of flesh created where the average arm meets the average body – is a low point.

If you’re reading this in a public place and unable immediately to check whether you have arm vagina, then let me help; you almost certainly do. Everyone does. It’s basically a normal human armpit, which tends to involve some spare capacity in the flesh department, what with it being difficult to raise your arm otherwise.

But in Hollywood, having a freakishly fat-free underarm, as taut and smooth as a plastic Barbie doll’s, is apparently the new goal. In a long list of mad things female actors are conditioned to worry about exposing on the red carpet, arm vagina is “the one that comes up all the time”, as the celebrity stylist Rebecca Corbin-Murray told the Times this week.

Now go Google for the training regime the actors in 300 had to go through.

Quite, it’s a comment about playing dress up, not anything specific to women and the patriarchy.

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  1. Good to know the African continent has access to clean running water and poverty has been eradicated if fleshy armpits are all these people have to worry about.


  2. Where do the Guardian dig up these people? Another in a long line of morons who seem to see vicarious offence to be taken everywhere. Corbynites to a woman/non-binary person/ man they corrupt everything they touch. The sooner an Ecksian ‘night of the long knives’ drains the swamp the better off we’ll all be…..

  3. “needs a catchier name if it’s going to make it to my top ten list of things to worry about.”

    I’ll start the bidding with oxter minge.

  4. I struggle to recall the last time I found an English-speaking Hollywood actress attractive. Certainly don’t pay any attention to their gala events. In short, afaiamc, they don’t need to worry about their pits.

    Otoh, if Lisa Ann were walking down one of these red carpets I might well pay attention. And she’s a gal who plainly relies on more than just curly endive for nourishment (cue: Rocco).

  5. But in Hollywood … celebrity stylist Rebecca Corbin-Murray

    So these aren’t normal people. And they are, usually, somewhat less concerned about the daily grind of life. And are expected, in the majority, to be the “beautiful people”.

    And they can be expected to worry incessantly about things that don’t even cross the radar of normal people.

    So, really, who cares? Their shrinks may have to pretend to, of course.

  6. @Interested

    Trouble with these people is that while they should be the object of ridicule, its not a long stretch of the imagination to see them as the commandant at the Left Wing, PC, SJW ‘re-education’ camp. One wrong word from you and its off for an early shower.

  7. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    Isn’t this fixed by wearing frocks with sleeves ?

    As for the 300, well I just like going around in sweaty loincloths personally.

  8. And who are the ones pointing out all these flaws in women, eh? Patriarchal men, or bitchy women? Do men even see stars on the red carpet?

    Yep. The biggest oppressors of women with regard to “body shaming” are other women.

  9. Shittiest movie I ever spent five minutes on.

    Yes, definite material there for a stirring war film but instead they made a soft gay porn film about the local gym’s day trip to Greece.

  10. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    As an avid follower of sweaty men in loincloths the right hand column of the Daily Mail, I have concluded that there are 3 major fashion disasters that are easily avoided:

    Wearing sleeveless or shoulderless dresses if one doesn’t have nice arms
    Wearing strappy slingbacks if one doesn’t have nice feet
    Having short hair if one has big sticky outy ears.

    I guess where pointy elbows and knock-knees are concerned, that ship sailed years ago.

  11. Yes, definite material there for a stirring war film but instead they made a soft gay porn film about the local gym’s day trip to Greece.

    The rare convergence of an awful script, relentlessly ugly cinematography and over-the-top acting. The dialogue is laugh-out-loud bad. Had Ed Wood been alive and working in the 21st Century, 300 is the sort of thing he’d have made.

    I’m still wondering why they didn’t think to cast RuPaul as Xerxes. Or Leonidas, for that matter.

  12. The thing with Hollywood, like most branches of entertainment, is the level you have to get to to get to the top. There’s thousands of women who want the job. If you let slip in any department, you can be out and someone else is in. That’s literally million dollar decisions. That includes, looks, acting talent, hair, makeup, fashion, personality, what car you drive, what drinks you drink, what man you’re seen with, what politics you follow. You can do a few small things wrong in all of that, and you’re out of the limelight and someone else is in.

  13. “oxter” – didn’t know that word, thanks GD.
    Its from the old english for armpit ( Dutch – oksel, Latin – axilla, old english – ōhsta, ōxta ).

    I try to learn a new word every day – that’ll do nicely.

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