Wood and trees

Richard Murphy says:
December 13 2017 at 1:14 pm
If Boeing has no use for money then pay dividends: do not rig markets and prices

But you miss my point: why does capitalism have no money to make and no productivity to gain? Is it that monopoly means that this does not pay? And if so, has capitalism failed, which is my argument?

You are confusing the tree for the wood I was looking at

Boeing is a particular tree in the capitalist forest. That one tree has no use for further nutrients does not mean the forest is static.

23 thoughts on “Wood and trees”

  1. mentioning wood and Ritchie in the same blog brings up thoroughly unpleasant images which even Rocco would struggle to find a market for.

  2. I am struggling to determine any hint of meaning in the phrase “capitalism has no money to make”. Is Boeing the only corporation in the world?

  3. Mr Worstall

    You are obviously a very well-informed and intelligent man, able to give much useful commentary on various aspects of economics.

    The charlatan Murphy is your exact opposite.

    Some time ago, it seemed there was a real danger that people able to influence things might take his blithering seriously. I don’t think anyone of significance now does.

    Would this not be an appropriate time for you to cease for a while from flogging, incinerating, pouring explosive bullets into what is too obviously a dead, indeed decaying carcass of a horse (if not donkey)? We could then have the benefit of your undistracted wisdom on more important matters.

    Without prejudice to your returning to the demolition work, if a more significant idiot turns up and starts to take a few of the microencephalic’s delusions half-way seriously.

  4. @Stephen

    Sadly no. There are still people who quote Murphy. There will always be gullible people who believe that snake oil will cure their cancer and until the snake oil salesmen are all putout of business, there is work to do.

  5. My partner showed me a Facebook post from one of her friends which proclaimed the genius of the odious and stupid Snippa. The ridicule must continue

  6. Spud obviously never read Buffettology which sets out in simple terms such that even I can understand, why you don’t hang onto cash piles you have no productive use for.

  7. The Other Bloke in Italy

    Stephen, you have a good heart, and express yourself well. Please comment more often.

    However, the Tattie Man needs to be stood on often, in case some fool takes him seriously.

    Besides, giving him what I believe you youngsters call a wedgie is amusing.

  8. If Boeing has no use for money then pay dividends: do not rig markets and prices.

    This sentence makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. None.

    Actually, it isn’t even a real sentence. It’s two seperate thoughts welded together by the improper use of a colon.

    Seems that Murphy knows as much about grammar and syntax as he does about tax.

  9. Dennis

    This is not the appropriate place for speculation about Murphy’s colon. Special sites exist for that purpose.

  10. Well, it was our Budget today and news is that those of us north of the border are about to experience the true Joy of Tax, as our income tax rate is going up generally by 1p higher than the rest of the UK, this in addition to the fact that our higher rate threshold was frozen at a level lower than the rUK so we already pay more.

    Thanks SNP, you bunch of fvcking scum.

    I expect this may cause a spontaneous emission or two in that end terrace in Ely

  11. Bloke in Costa Rica

    There is a sort of grandeur in Murphy’s ignorance. It operates on a more elevated plane than that of normal people not knowing something. It flaunts and preens itself. It was said that Gottfried Leibniz knew everything worth knowing in his day; now by the principle that every compass needle has a butt end, we have Murphy, who knows nothing whatever about anything. His boundless pomposity and bloated self-worth mean he can’t see what an utter cretin he is, in much the same way as his swollen abdomen means he probably hasn’t seen his dick in thirty years. If he were a poet, he’d be William Topaz McGonagall. If he were a singer, he’d be Florence Foster Jenkins. A just world would see him harried from public life to the accompaniment of jeers and rotten fruit. And the problem is he believes his own bullshit. At least the snake-oil salesmen knew they were running a con.

  12. This is not the appropriate place for speculation about Murphy’s colon.

    All I said was he misused it in one sentence. I’ll leave speculation as to further and/or differing misuse to Rocco.

  13. @BF, I read that as

    “This is not the appropriate place for speculum about Murphy’s colon.”

    and upchucked a little

  14. Andrew C: but the snake oil salesmen are with us forever. Also homeopathists. What I suggest is that the marginal benefits to be obtained from pouring further buckets of well-deserved ridicule and ordure over the head of mindless Murphy are less than could be obtained if Mr Worstall turned his critical attention elsewhere.

    And the autism doctor, he’s fled the country and been struck off the medical register. Lesson from the saturation bombing campaign against Germany: after a while, there’s no point in making the rubble bounce.

  15. TOBI: you asked for more comments, here’s one unrelated to the microencephalic monster. Maybe make it a separate thread.

    Dead in the dreadful but unintentional Grenfell tower fire: 71.
    Dead in the dreadful and entirely intentional Omagh bombing: 29.

    Ratio of public lamentation and blaming, how much less than 71:29 ?

  16. Murphy frequently gets a hearing at Parliamentary committees to peddle his ideas that when government spends on things he desires it can do no harm. He also gets on the BBC regularly.
    Number of people in the last 10 years who have gotten on the BBC suggesting the BBC should be accountable to the people who pay for it – zero.
    Number of people in the last 10 years who have gotten Parliamentary committee time stating we should actually have some austerity – zero ( probably ).
    Yes it’s a gig for him, his opinions are for sale, and all this makes him as evil as Madonna hawking Coke ( nod to Bill Hicks ). Imv of course

  17. Actually, the lesson from bombing Germany was the opposite. The moment you stop, they rebuild and restart what they were doing so that 3 months later its like nothing ever happened.

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