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So, knocked that on the head. Did the one to check I could do it. And I could quite obviously make a decent amount of money doing it. $4,000 a month or up would be really quite trivially easy.

But then that’s the problem really. Couple of thousand words in the Amazon Whole Foods thing? Sure, I’ve done it already anyway elsewhere. Couple of hours for $100? Sure, why not? But what I would write about it really wouldn’t be what a prof is expecting from a 2nd year business studies student. No, not sounding grand, just reality.

One to leave for times of disaster perhaps, not the current well, wouldn’t it be nice to be making more?

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  1. This bollocks could usefully be knocked on the head by returning to the great bulk of assessment being by formal examinations. Then students would need to write their own essays as part of preparing themselves for the exams. Naturally it would be vital that candidates be allowed to fail the exams.

    “Exams” should include activities such as the “practical” exam: bloody hard to fake a properly supervised “practical” short of sending in a ringer.

  2. But what I would write about it really wouldn’t be what a prof is expecting from a 2nd year business studies student.

    The problem surely is that the prof will be expecting the student to reference topics that have been specifically covered during the period and to quote from sources in the reading list. Hammering out a more or less generic essay on a topic would not pass muster.

    To put it in stark terms, how would Ritchie react to something written by you at the behest of one of his unfortunate students?

  3. I did this work in uni and a bit beyond. I probably did about 300 essays (and a few masters theses). It’s not exaggeration to say that these agencies and their clients will accept literally anything. I used to spend 5 mins planning, then stream-of-consciousness until I hit 80% word count, then summarise it twice for the intro and conclusion. Go through and add a bunch of references from Google Scholar. Done. It probably did immeasurable damage to my writing style.

    These clients are normally delighted to get a third at some pointless polytechnic, and you would not believe how easy that it. In most cases, all that can be stopping them is some sort of pathological laziness.

  4. Don’t you have to be careful to write whatever rubbish is fashionable in ‘progressive’ circles rather than actual facts?

  5. “Couple of hours for $100? Sure, why not?”

    Because as an hourly rate of pay you could do better elsewhere? (I suspect.)

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