A story idea for The Sun’s Special Projects Bureau

Hire a light plane. Or even a few drones. Add soap. Drop soap into:

River levels are rising in Paris amid fears of a calamitous once-in-a-century flood that will leave much of the city submerged.

The River Seine reached levels of over 18ft this morning and continued to rise into the evening.

Do on, you know you want to.

8 thoughts on “A story idea for The Sun’s Special Projects Bureau”

  1. All the cleaning stuffs and unguents known to Man could not be poured in quantity sufficient to cleanse the cesspit that “The City of Shites” has become.

  2. Err, SPB and the pissing about with drones an’ fings, is a speciality of El Reg. Or was, as Lester Haines has passed away.

  3. French incompetence at it’s best.

    Seine in Paris is non-tidal and has locks upstream and downstream.

    London copes with Thames, Holland with below sea-level. Rain and Paris floods – muppets, les frogs never liked or embraced industrial revolution..

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